aka DJ, Angel, Angelica, SJ, BJ, DK

  • I live in Miami
  • I was born on February 2
  • My occupation is Contributor and Chatmod of WWiki
  • I am awesome

Edits:Editcount | Current Task: Start contributing to the projects more and make my edits in the main space higher!

Please read: I will be gone; on holiday (yay) for a long period of time; from the 23rd of September to 14th November. I might pop on every so often when I have internet access, but until then farewell all. Hope the wiki stays great, and good luck.

Warning:This page is currently going under re-construction. If anything looks odd or out of place, please ignore it. Made by the most epical Berry~<33 Made by the super awesome Starry as a one month aniversary of our time together~<33


Hi there! Welcome to my userpage. I see you've come to visit me. :3 I hope you like my page. If you want to chat to me feel free to visit my talk page. And of course, I'd introduce myself. My name is DJAngelCandy, formerly DJCandyBud, but feel free to call me DJ, Angel or anything. I'm determind to make this wiki a great place to find information about warriors and ~DJCandyFun~ I do enjoy fun...8D

My Userboxes and things

How I found Warriors and the Wiki

Okay, I was always in love with cats <3. I was at my local library once when I typed in the search machine thingy "cats". The first option I saw was Warrior Cats: Forest of Secrets. I read the first 3 chapters but didn't quite understand the terms and life in Clans. Then my best friend in real life (Owl) showed me this wiki and the first book, Into the Wild. I understood it more and if I was confused I'd pop into the wiki and the information I needed was always provided. I instantly fell in love with the series.

When I turned 13, Owl was eager for me to join the wiki (but she still hadn't joined herself ._.) I really wanted to help out with editing, but I was really shy and scared, because after watching the wiki I realised that the policies were very strict. So I waited a few months. My mom once saw me browsing this wiki and she told me that she used to work as a wikian (I believe she disabled her account owo), and mentioned that editing in a wiki is a great way to build up social skills and work in a community. 8 months later I built up the courage to join, willing to make the wiki a better place. By that time I had read all books that were out and knew a lot about the series.

I began editing articles. To my unpleasure, most were reverted. I looked up to the experienced and older users, and wondered how they do such a great job as a contributor. So I joined PC, PB, PW and PR to learn how to edit articles properly, and do the right thing. I quickly picked up the idea of the wiki and understood how it works. I also joined PCA, as I love drawing and drawing cats in specific, so I thought PCA would be a great way to expand my art skills, as well as provide necessary features to the wiki. I contributed to the forums and the projects. I also saw the blogs writen, to know how others think of Warriors, and express my opinion. I became a warrior in PCA before I knew it.

I started to talk to other users in the chat. I think they find me to be friendly, even though the chat is usually glitchy for me. I got to know users more, and I found lots of friends. In the chatroom we also exchanged tips on editing the wiki, and found out interesting and weird things about users. The chat was a great place for me to catch up with wiki friends and discover new things about the wiki.

At that point, I was determind to become the best user I could be. I started editing more articles, and gaining more friends. To my shock, I was appointed deputy of Project World. I understood more about what it's like to be a user that others look up to and to work with many great users. It still sadens me that users think that they can vandalise/attack others/steal our art/just sit in the chat and not contribute (or just not follow our policies), and after seeing too much of this I was determind to put this to an end. I eventually filled out an RfCM after being on the wiki for 6 months, and it suprisingly succeeded, making me a chatroom moderator. Not too much longer after I got nominated to be a SW in PCA, which I never expected, and I never expected to see it succeed! After trying my best to work for the wiki, it was all worth it.

I'd like to think that I'm a great contributer to the wiki, but I do doubt myself. It's still my goal to continue my contributions and keep working for the wiki. I might go a bit inactive at times, but that shouldn't stop me from still working towards the wiki's and my main goal. I hope to make a difference to the wiki and make it a better place.

PS: I may seem serious and sane when editing articles and projects, which I am, but on the chat don't expect the same type of personality. I like fun and funny, but I won't go overboard and cause to much chaos or let go of my pride for the wiki. x3

Wiki Users

Thoughts on other users:
Add yourself here in you think you know me. If I didn't add you, don't be offended. I miss a lot of people. This is in Alphabetical order.

  • Berry - Hahaha the One Direction fangirl. And HP fanatic. My awesome daughter. Always a joy to talk to on the chat. One of my good friends on the wiki. And be amazed, this user has more mainspace edits than me! 8O -is n00b-
  • Chez – A nice user. Always fun and funny to chat with, makes me happy. I one day see her becoming a chatmod.
  • Cinder - Very nice user. :) I see her in the chat quite a bit and is fun to be around. Has cute chararts. Also made my first siggie! :D
  • Cloudy - The epicly awesome rollback. A great user of the wiki who makes like 1,000 edits a week. Was a featured wikian- hooray! I look up to her a lot. And I have no idea how she puts up with all the complaints she gets, but she does it wonderfully. Great at Pokemon too. 8D Is constantly editing and fighting vandalism, and no one can doubt the work she has done for the wiki is none less than true dedication. <3
  • Dazzle - Awesome user who I talk to on the chat. Always very nice and loving. Or shall we just say one user with seriously Dazzling chararts. :3
  • Ducksplash - The user who Rainy thought was Ducksauce. xD Was a great apprentice and so eager to learn. I was so sad when I heard she was leaving PCA, and now happy that she's rejoined. Also very dedicated to PW and PC. :) Makes lots of mainspace edits and nice chararts. <3
  • Elo - Elo is a great chatmod and friendly person to talk to. Can get a tad crazy at times, but in general is a very sensible, mature and patient user. Is still constantly editing and contributing and has georgious chararts.
  • Hazel - A user I met on the chat. The first user to eat me. >:| Very funny. The Say Anything obsessed nub.
  • Ibly - A cool user who makes awesome chararts. One on my PCA role-models. 8D Also a great chatmod. Is very hard working for the wiki and helpful to newer user.
  • Icy - When I first joined this user was always editing and fighting vandalism. Now after returning from a hiatus, I've gotten to knwo her better and has continued to prove a worthy member of the wiki. Also make amazing chararts.
  • Kitsu - A user I will always look up to. I give a lot of credit to her in the making of WWiki, as well as all past staff members and contributers. I always hope to be like her. After seeing her early edits and contributions, I realised how much dedication she put into the wiki.
  • Lari - An extremely nice user who I often see in the chatroom. We talk to each other a lot and edit on the same wikis. I hope to get to know her more. :3
  • Leggu - Has chararts that make me go wow. My grandparent =P I fail at her all the time. xD Literally all the time. Legolution- w00t. A wonderful user of the wiki~<3 When I first joined she was always editing and a great rollback, and is still holding that streak and is a joy to be around.
  • Lightning - One word. Coding. The official WWiki coding master. That is all.
  • Lily - A user who I met on the chat. As soon as we talked we instantly became friends. Is very nice and kind and is always a joy to be around. <3
  • Loonie - Ah Loonie. <3 Her username should be A Beautiful Charartmaker, because that's what she is! 8D Former leader of PCA. A great contributer, rollback and person to the wiki. It's great to have her back and regularly always helping users and the wiki.
  • Millie - Funny and nice user. Made the best edits in the history of wikia (literally, no exaggeration). I want to get to know her more. We talk in the chat.
  • Misty - A nice user who made my first personal charart; Yay :D Super nice on the chat and funny. And this user never bites. :3 Very helpful and friendly and has lovely chararts.
  • Mooneh - Super super nice. <3 Edits WWiki's pages a lot, and is also very nice for a n00b Thistle obsessed lover. :) I will miss her. ;.; May StarClan forever light your path.
  • Mountain - Fun and epic to chat to and has freaky chararts, that scare me because they're so awesome! Check her out. Yeah, Mt. Hearty. ;P But seriously, in general this user is too awesome for words. Great chatmod and is very dedicated to the wiki.
  • Owl - My bff in real life. Inactive due to reasons~<3
  • Paddu - Weeee~ The prank master- lol :P Nice user on the chat and funny too. Another HP obsessed nub. It was fun trolling her page with Berry. >;}
  • Paleh - An epic user. Refuses to admit that her chararts are awesome. Was a great deputy of PCA, but I respect her desicion for stepping down. Calls me Donkey Kong. :O Always is thinking of ideas to help the wiki and is very thoughtful. Awesome rollback. Is the past, present and future typo queen. 8D
  • Pouncey - Cool user. <3 talking to her on the chat. Has bootiful chararts that make me jealous. I was so upset to hear she left. Come back soon and may StarClan light your path!
  • Rain - My epic parent. Makes me :) in the chat. Idk why, but I'm still Lmao at the thing on her userpage. ...Awkward right...?
  • Rowan - My kind and epicly awesome parent. I wuff her. <3 8D I see her becoming a chatmod soon. Has lovely chararts. Cody addicted user.
  • Scarley - Nominated me to be SW in PCA for which I am extremely grateful for. <3 Another extremly nice user, and a great leader of PCA, even though she doubts herself (which she shouldn't). No matter what she says she always will be deserving of her posistion. Another one of my rolemodels in art.
  • Shelly - A fun user. Was very dedicated to PCA, which is why she makes jaw-dropping chararts. I was shocked to hear her leave. An awesome rollbacker. 8D Always fights vandalism and is not afraid to speak her opinion.
  • Starry - A really nice user that is a great friend to me. Has the potential for a staff member posistion, which I hope to see her become one day. Great contributer to the wiki, and a very mature user. Is already going on an edit-streak. <3 Also my recently new wifband. <3
  • Stoner - I talk to her on the chat. Very epic. Yes, again, very epic. Nominated her for SW on PCA, because I <3 her art. Who wouldn't, and she's great at her job. Also PB SW and PR deputy, and great at those posistions. Great rollback too. Always see her fighting vandalism and working to help the wiki. Just a seriously awesome user. <3
  • Storm - Storm is a nice user who I talk to on the chat. A great daughter with nice chararts. I hope to get to know her more.
  • Sweet - A cool and nice user. 8D Very dedicated to PC, and the wiki in general. Talk to her on the chat, very helpful and willing to gain new friends. :) My sister too. So happy to have her back after she left a couple of times. <3
  • Tedly - Tedly Teddy... A user I always look up to. So grateful to have her as a member of the wiki. Without her there would be no saneness. True xD She is very nice! If you need help don't be shy to go and ask her something. I talk to her on the chat when we are on at the same times, and is always kind. My wonderful leader in PW. And an epic admin. <3
  • Thistle - A nice user. Never will talk me into becoming a brony, no matter what she says. >:D I talk to her on the chat, and is always friendly and funny. Scared of the >:| face. Bahaha SJ Master. And her chararts are pretty.
  • Trolleh - Ah, and then we have Skt. The WWiki troll. Possibly an alien o.o You can never tell with Skt. Nominated her to become a SW in PCA due to her amazing chararts. Skttles... e.e When I first saw her in PCA, I thought this user was nice and kind, but when I saw her in the chatroom... ohgawd. But what would we do without Skt?
  • Wildy - My epic mentor in PCA. Helped me to get to what I am now in PCA; I'll always look up to her art. Makes wonderful chararts. Helped me set up my page here. Yay! <3 Very nice user on the chat.
  • Woo - A great friend to talk to. So sad to hear her leave. ;.; Was a great apprentice and so eager to learn. </3 One of the nice users on here that often shows it to me. :) May StarClan light your path forever;;

^^ I'm quite blunt when it comes to describing people, so feel free to add more! But you can be certain of one thing, I love y'all. </333

Wiki Family

Credit to Paleh for making this!


    = Male

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    = Gender Unknown

And credit to Leggy for this! Familytree3.png

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1.Code of the Clans - Quote Nomination
2.Eclipse - Feature Article/Gold Nomination suggested
3.Allegiances The Forgotten Warrior - Silver Nomination Declined
4.SkyClan's Destiny - Quote Nomination
5.After Sunset: We Need to Talk - Quote Nomination
6.User:DJCandyBud/Book Articles With Quotes - Draft design of this

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2.Chat Template - Basic chat template design
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