aka I guess people call me Ash now!

  • I live in Um, I'm not sure if this is Alaska or Hawaii
  • I was born on August 4
  • My occupation is Shoveling snow :)
  • I am Female

About Me

Name: Ash

Gender: Female

Age: 14 turning 15

Status: Taken <3

Favorite Color: Blue


Stephanie- My little gray and white kitten. Barely 8 months old. She's getting sooo big!

Snow- My little white kitty baby. She's going on 9 years old. (By little, I mean little. Stephanie is bigger then her already.)

Billie Jean- B.j. for short. She's the fish we caught at the local pond.


~Shoon~ - Well she was one of my bestfriends in my oldern days, now we've only got closer. she helped me through it all and helped me get one of our favorite wikis back up. We have been friends for going on 1 1/2 years. And soon I think we'll be something I call BFBWW. (Best Friends Besides on Warriors Wiki.) I really missed her and she's a really kind person in all ways.

Twi- Twi was my admin buddy. She helped me at my first beginning and we sorta just clicked. After I got banned from the wiki for a while, we still talked. We talked over emails. We would talk for hours. She became what my life was centered around. (Jk. But I'll put it because I luved talking to Twi.) I would call her Twee, Twit, and much more. She would keep me updated on everything going on.

Rowan- Rowan was with me from the begining. She was my wiki father. She watched over me and was my bestest bud. Just like Twi, she kept up with me after my wiki incedent. We texted eachother all the time and we messaged all the time on FB. She shared many intrests with me. WWE, MLP, and we use to both like 1D. Now we grow older and we like different things....but most of them are the same.

Skye- Now Skye and I have had our differences. When I first joined, Skye and I had our bouts of arguments. We would fight for long times on chat. Because I hate to admin it.....I was very self centered. I also was so full of my self. Now, we are friends...well I hope we are.

Scruffy- My newest buddy. We haz so much in common! We like many bands and she was the first one to read my newest story about our favorite band! I know we are new friends, but we will no dought get closer!


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Sisters:Leafy, Purple, Rain, DJ, Cheshire Half sisters: Fallow, Wilde Brother: Tiger


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