aka Thistleberry

  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on October 24
  • I am Female

Alrighty just going to update this to something I can leave and not want to change again because im suppper lazy. 

I am Feathermoon, and I was like 10 and it was weird when that was who people knew me as. If you recall that user, that's really awesome because that was a long time ago.

Also my name is Chelsea so that's nice and although I don't like cats as much as I did when I liked Warriors, I have a passion for horses and I have two, named Beau and Jack! Here are some photos of them because they're cute and I like to show off my babies. (Left:Black Jack Right:Beau)

Black Jack is my baby 10 year old gelding Thoroughbred who was a race horse when he was younger but now he's being trained to barrel race.(: Beau is my 7 year old Paint Horse gelding. He's scared of people and he hates ropes and letting people down! He makes me really happy though and I spend a lot of time with him! I'm lucky to have my little ponies. (Who are both over 16 hands high.)

Also call me whatever nickname you want, I go by Chelsea, Thistle, Thistleberry, Thistly, Thai, Tai, Feather, Feathery, Feathermoon etc lol so whatever you want works really.

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