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Working on: (Original)

none rn

Approved (Original)

Shellfur.kit.alt.png later tweaked by me Millie.kit.png Crowfeather.kit.alt.png Mapleshade.kit.png

The apprentice (GC).apprentice.png Nectarsong.apprentice.png Cinnamontail.apprentice.png


Stonestream.warrior.alt.png Bubbling Stream.warrior.alt.png later tweaked by me Smokehaze.warrior.png OS-2.warrior-2.png Dew.warrior.png Frostfur.warrior.png Larksplash.warrior.png Mapleshade.warrior.png Reed Tail.warrior.png Poppycloud.warrior.png Whiteberry.warrior.png

Plumclaw.queen.png Ivypool.queen.png later redone by me Nectarsong.queen.png


Sun Shadow.deputy.png


Dawncloud.elder.png Sandstorm.elder.png

Rushtail (WC).star.png Mossyfoot.star.png Rabbitfur.star.png Dawncloud.star.alt.png Sun Shadow.star.png

Wishkit.star.png later tweaked by me

Diesel.loner.png Squirrelflight.loner.png Alderheart.loner.png

Shnuky.kittypet.png Petunia.kittypet.png

Fierce.gc.png later redone by me

Lioneye.ghost.png later redone by Patch and Ocean Smokehaze.ghost.png

Mud Paws.hunter.png Dew.hunter.png Thistle (TC).hunter.png


Lilywhisker.tunneler.png Rabbittail.tunneler.alt.png

Owl Feather.toeh.png



20170515023800 For Rainbowmistake File:SwiftpawXBrightheart.personal.png For SwiftpawXBrightheart 20180212234740 For Storm-in-Rain Pittbulsarethebest.personal.png For Pittbullsarethebest LapisLazuliOfficial.personal.png For LapisLazuliOfficial


20170512235814 20170618054907 20170710190204 20170806235300 20170818005448 20170904192622 20171014201036 20171203161539 20180112001448 20180208234425

Working On (Tweak/Redo)

none rn

Approved (Tweaked/Redone)

Windflight.kit.png Tweaked to remove stripes Birdy.kit.alt.png Tweaked to remove gray ears Rabbitkit (WC).kit.png Tweaked to limit white to belly area Heronwing (TC).kit.png Tweaked to have color match Shellfur.kit.alt.png Tweaked to have tortoiseshell patches Petalfur.kit.png Tweaked to recede white tip Firefern.kit.png Redone to match graphic novel Storkkit.kit.png Redone to match StarClan

Weaselfur.apprentice.png Tweaked to reduce white to paws File:Shellpaw.apprentice.png Tweaked to have tortoiseshell patches Acornpaw.apprentice.png Tweaked for shading source/flat shading

Mudfur.mca.png Tweaked to remove pale muzzle and chest, redone to make mottles look like mottles

Bubbling Stream.warrior.alt.png Tweaked to fix shading Lilyheart.warrior.alt.png Tweaked to match tail to kit Rabbitleap (TC).warrior.png Tweaked to lighten shading and define shading depth Brightheart.warrior.png Tweaked to move shoulder patch back

Sorreltail.queen.png Image overhaul Ivypool.queen.png Tweaked to better fit description



Tigerstar (TPB).leader.alt.png Tweaked to move ear rip to other side

Oakfur.elder.png Tweaked to match apprentice's color + redo texture Longtail.elder.png Redone to match master patern Brightheart.elder.png Tweaked to move shoulder patch back

Windflight.star.png Tweaked to remove stripes Daisytoe.star.png Tweaked to have chest patch match Storm (Ro).star.alt.png Redone to be solid Flowerstar.star.png Tweaked for color change and to add ginger paw Acornpaw.star.png Tweaked for flat shading

Wishkit.star.png Tweaked to fix stripes


Sol.rogue.alt.png Tweaked to have mane

Spiderstar.loner.png Tweaked to remove shoulder patch Cherrytail.loner.png Image overhaul

Barley.kittypet.png Redone to match Shnuky.kittypet.png Tweaked to darken and remove texture

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