"I don't care what I have to do to others.
It doesn't matter how many people I will hurt.
It doesn't matter how many people die from this.
It doesn't matter what I have to go through for us.
All I know is that I won't let anyone hurt you."
— George Edward Portillo
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The truth is constructed from lies.


Made by the awesome Shelly~

Hey everyone, it's Oblivion (but you can call me Loonie, Bliv, Oblivious, Loon, Desmond, Diane, or That Canadian No One Likes). I'm seventeen and I live in Canada, I have an absolute passion for Warriors! I first saw the books at my school library (Oct. 2009) and thought they looked somewhat interesting. From then on, I was hooked! I love writing about and drawing cats, it's just so much fun!

I first joined this Wiki in March of 2010 because I wanted to edit the character pages. Now, I'm a senior warrior of PCA - I used to be leader, but that's a complicated story - and loving every day of it :)

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