Ah, the end of Summer Vacation. The time where school starts up again. Work and school are interfering with my time on Wiki, and other sites once again. Well, I probably won't be on as much, but if you leave a message on my talk page, I'll still try and get back to you ;) Have a nice day!

Adderstrike is a black and golden spotted she-cat with amber eyes.

Hello, Adderstrike here! I used to live in Australia until I was 12, then I moved to America. Then I met Poppystorm, we've been friends for years, and she introduced me to warriors shortly after she discovered it. I'm currently waiting for "Night Whispers" to come out, but right now I'm reading the Power of Three again. I roleplay on Toontown Online with my Warrior cat, Adderstrike (Warrior of MYTHCLAN), I play wolf quest on my wolf Kenya, (female with four pups), and I'm almost all over the web, so you might just find me anywhere. I'm usually on COTWWiki, and GWWiki (xD ROFL) so you might just run into me there!


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