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Hi, I'm Dawnwing. You probably know me from the official Warriors Forums, Warrior's Wish, TV Tropes, and the like. (Alarra is my main internet name now, so that's what I use on Wikia - besides, "Dawnwing" was already taken.)

I've been with Warriors since 2004, when Rising Storm was the most recent book out. I'd seen it on the New Books shelf at the library, and was drawn to the cats on the cover, but the description seemed odd..... I put it back. When I was checking out, however, something told me to go get it, so I asked the librarian to wait a moment, ran back upstairs, and grabbed it. And from there the rest is history. Warriors has been with me for over half my life, and, despite my view that it should have ended already, I do at least enjoy the books yet, and I intend to stay with the series however long it goes.

Mostly nowadays I'm a fan of the Elder Scrolls games (though I am, of course, still big into Warriors). I contribute heavily to the UESP wiki, forum, blog, and social media; I go by Alarra there as well.


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