Artimas Hunter

aka Arti

  • I live in a yurt
  • I was born on December 27
  • My occupation is singing, writing, acting
  • I am a T-rex

Plese be aware that Artimas will be on here less as she is currently working more on Warriors Fanfiction. Thank you. All messages should be left in my talk page. I will be on here though, just not as often.


About me

Hello!  I am  a Warrior (Duh).  As a warrior my name is Bramblepath and I'm a lot like Feathertail (my favorite charecter!).  I have a little sister named Spottedkit and a mate named Brighttalon.  I'm a young warrior but one day I will be Clan leader of ThunderClan.  My best friend is Leopardheart.  My B.F.F. Scartalon  <sob> sadly moved to RiverClan. .

I love warriors and Star Wars and the New Prophecy is the best!  The Clone Wars is also amazing!  Feathertail and Bluestar are the best cats ever and Feathertail and Crowpaw are the best couple ever! (Leafpool and Nightcloud can go jump off a cliff!).  I love mentoring apprentices and have one named Dusksky. I will have kits with a cat named Brighttalon and their names will be Dawnkit, Moonkt, Fadingkit, Dappledkit, and Shiningkit.  They will become Dawnsky, Moondapple, Fadinglight, Dappeledclearing, and Shiningcourage.  I will be killed by foxes and my Clan will mourn.  Dusksky my deputy will refuse to give up her warrior name and take on the name of a leader as a sign of respect.

My kits all had different paths.  Dawnsky will be the best warrior she can be and die soon after she was made a warrior because she was chasing RiverClan warriors in the rain, slid into the river, and the RiverClan cats watched as she was swept away.  Moondapple will become deputy under Dusksky and lives to the day.  Fadinglight will become a medicine cat but he will fall for another cat I created named Rainstorm.  Dappledclearing will fall in love with Barley on a mission back to the Old Forest.  And finally Shiningcourage will be a great warrior but be injured in a battle with ShadowClan.  She is recovering.

I love warriors and like to think of myself as an expert.  This websie is the perfect way to get all that knowledge out!  I love surfing this place and reading the articles.  It's fantastic!  I look forward to helping out with all the cats! Please leave stuff on my talk page!


--Artimas HunterWarning! This user is reasonably insane! 20:06, March 17, 2010 (UTC)

--BramblepathBrightshadow is mine! 15:57, March 27, 2010 (UTC)

--MoonbeamSkyClan will rise! 14:32, April 3, 2010 (UTC)

Some Stuff About Me

Name- Artimas or Bramblepath. i have a real name but I'm not telling!

Where I live- Earth ( That's a lie. i'm really as martian from Saturn but don't tell the FBI! Deal?)

Fave Music- Kelly clarkson, Avril LaVin, Evanescense, Cascada, Nickelback

Gender- Girl

Age- 12

Fave Things To Do- Computer Stuff, Warriors wiki, reading, Drawing, Hanging w friends


  • Ivypaw will turn Dark Forest and Dovepaw will have to stop her as the 4th apprintice.
  • When the Erins made the water quest they were trying to remake the Great Journey on a smaller scale.
  • Hollyleaf will return and attempt to kill Dovepaw and become one of the 3 again.
  • The reason that Night Whispers is narrated by a ShadowClan cat is because fans of the other Clans accused the Erns of favoritism.

Poll (Please Vote!)

Q: Do you like Bluestar and Oakheart as a couple? And does it puzzle you that they now hate eachother in StarClan?

The poll was created at 20:59 on March 7, 2010, and so far 184 people voted.

Results of last poll(s):

Icecloud is ThunderClans new deputy!

My Favorite Cats

Feathertail- Sob! I love you!

Crowfeather- If you eat Leafpool you're golden!

Bluestar- You lost everything and you were so strong......

Graystripe- EAT! EAT! EAT! EAT!

Silverstream- You shouldn't have died.....

Ivypaw- Your sibling always gets the best. I bet you turn to the Dark Forest though.

Dovepaw- Wow, your brain must be noisy.

Jaypaw- I'm half blind so I know what you feel.

Tawnypelt- Could you be any more sarcastic?

Skywatcher- Oh, I feel so bad for you! You are so loyal.....

Brook- Go Mountain cats!

Cinderheart- You came back....

Honeyfern- Berrynose should have saved you and you should not have died.

Heatherpaw- Lionblaze is a moron for leaving you. and.....BREEZEPAW??!!!

Yellowfang- "I wish you were my son Fireheart..." SOB!!

Jingo- "Good bye Jingostar....." The lonliness of an unwanted leadership....

Onestar- This one is kinda weird but he didn't want to lead. and he had to make WindClan strong. He wanted to help ThunderClan but he had to walk alone even if it meant letting one of his best friends being left behind.....

Poppyfrost- I love your name and your'e great.

Cinderpelt- "I'll never be a warrior now?" SOB!!! I like CinderPAW but CinderPELT is a stupid. Cinderheart is cute.

Sorreltail- You are so great! You just are!

Moonflower- I love you sooooooo much, you didn't deserve to die! "I'll be with you forever.."

I'll post more when I think of them!

"Meh" Cats

Firestar- Too goody goody. I love you though!

Spottedleaf- You're in StarClan. You're nice and all but stay there! You're DEAD!

Mothwing- You are so brave and so cowardly and you are a medicine but don't believe in StarClan....???

Onestar- Do you hate ThunderClan or not??? Make up your mind!!!!!!

Nightcloud- I pity you but I don't like you because you're not Feathertail.

Hollyleaf- You were great until you go crazy.

Lionblaze- Heatherpaw made you happy: stay with her!

Brindleface- I like you but you ARE NOT SANDSTORM'S MOM!!!!!!!

Kestrelwing- You can be cute but at some point you need to STOP being so HAPPY!!!!!

I'll post more as I think of them!

Cats that I hate

LEAFPOOL- You are number one on my hitlist.

Brokenstar- Not the KITTENS!!!!!!!!

Socks- You're brother????!!!

Ruby- I'll throw YOU in the River!!!

Tigerclaw- Wow......forest

Nightstar- Too hostile, too old

Hawkfrost- You just scare me

Sol- You are getting sleepy.....

Breezepelt- Gah. You're horrible.

Graypool- You wouldn't help kittens and you call yourself a med. cat??!!!

Purdy- Hi Purdy! (sniffs him) Uh..see you around (runs to nearest catnip patch)

Goosefeather- Your a phsyco. i mean it. Go away.

Hawkheart- I hate you! you killed Moonflower! DIE!!!

I'll post more when I think of them!

Worst Names in History of Ever


Loudbelly- Wow. Why'd his mom name him Loudkit.....and Leopardstar mus have a grudge against him to name him -belly...


Ferretpaw- they even know about ferrets?

Jayno-eyes- Cruel!

Berrystumpytail- He deserves this name!

Lostface- SOB!!! CRUEL!!!!

One-eye- ..........


Little Rants

#1 Okay this is a shortish long rant about the evilness of Leafpool and the awesomeness of Feathertail. Leafpool is too dramatic, to goody good, to ANNOYING!!! She is so unstable and scared and selfish. She doesn't care about Crowfeather the way Feathertail did and she is so much more hurtfull about it. Nightcloud I don't mind as much because Crowfeather doesn't really love her and so I pity her but I'd rather she was Feathertail. Feathertail was prepared to die to save Crowfeather and she loved him so much it cost her the ultimate price. She was the only one who saw past his defensevness and sharp tongue and she found something to love and cherish. It broke Crowfeather apart to watch her die, for him. Feathertail protects Jayfeather and Lionblaze more then Leafpool does. She was able to appear before Bluestar because of her love for Crowfeather and saw his kits as her own. She would have continued seeing him no matter what and Leafpool tore the hole in his heart even bigger. Feathertail is the awesomest and she should have lived to have Crowfeather's kits and stay with him forever.

#2 Ok, a lot of people seem to think that names that don't make sense are bad. I totally disagree. A lot of the BEST names dopn't make sense but are great names anyways. Example: Briarlight- A briar can't make light.

So what? Great name Briarpaw! And I don't want to offend anyone but why does a name have to make sense? Shouldn't leaders be creative? How do we know that StarClan doesn't choose the names? Exactly. We don't. So that's my rant on name sensibility.

#3 I can't go a couple days without a new rant.^^ So this one is about cats taking on Clan names. For cats like Millie and Brook who don't take thier names, they are awesome. They stand up for what they believe in and keeping your name is NOT betraying your Clan. However for cats like Daisy who just sit around and eat the Clan's food, they should be driven away or forced to take a Clan name. But I think that if I were in anyone of those cats position I would keep my name. It is like when you get married, why should the girl take the guys name? It doesn't matter because they are untied no matter what name is what. People who think that keeping your name is betraying your Clan, I seriously think that you are wrong. No offense.


These are the charecters I've nominated for PC!

My Charart


In Approval Stage



File:Spottedkit.png.PNG Spottedkit(K)   This is my baby sisters charecter.  Isn't she adorable?

My Thoughts on other Users

Bramble- She's so nice and always ready to answer the stupid questions I ask her without getting mad. She is so dedicated. She deserves a ton of respect and I hope she has 9 healthy lifes!

Sandy- She's always focused and she gets things done. A great deputy.

Bluestar- She helped me so much when I was new to the PCA and she's so nice.

Duststar- My first friend.

Maplefern- Helped me with my siggy and is always nice and helpful. Thanks!

Firepelt- I like how they always write with a cat move in the sentence *Dips head in respect* (Sorry, i wrote your name wrong before!)

Insanular- A GREAT user!!! She's always busy and she has so many funny comments on her talkpage.

Ashshadow- Always lending a hand and their so devoted to the PCA. Nice job! My BFF!

Ponygirl5-She's never around but she's my sister. Also known as Spottedkit.

Pebbleshine- A great user and friend. She's also on my other wiki, Ponie and Horses Wiki.

Icestorm- One of the nicest people here on this wiki. I didn't know her that well but now I am glad that I do.

Waitingforspring- A very dedicated user...I wonder what happens to his user name when spring is here... ^^

Skyfeather- Very helpful and paitent to me on the PC.

If you want to be on here, leave me a message!

Favorite Shippings

Feathertail and Crowfeather- You are the BEST and so sad and Feathertail should never have died. For more info see my little rant.

Yellowfang and Raggedstar- After you had HIS kit he just drops you. Poor Yellowfang.

Bluestar and Oakheart- "'Let him go' Bluefur knew she was begging for Thistleclaw to release Oakheart but the words echoed in her heart Let him go. " SOB!!!!!!

Firestar and Sandstorm- Sandstorm is the bestest!

Dovepaw and Tigerheart- I know its not a real couple yet but they go good to gether and I think she could stop him from going to the Dark Forest.

Graystripe and Silverstream- Poor poor both of you.

Sasha and Tigerstar- Sasha could see past his evilness and loved him. Sadly he didn't love her enough.

Redtail and Goldenflower- Behold the true parents of Sandstorm!!!!

Leopardstar and Whiteclaw- She practically stalked Graystripe for revenge of his death. Sweet, in a creepy kinda way....

Jayfeathert and Stick- LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandstorm and Scourge- Some of you think this happened??!!

Bramblepath and Brighttalon- I know this isn't a real couple but Bramblepath is my name and Brighttalon is the guy I love. He might not like me but, hey, a girl can dream can't she?

I'll post more later!

Meh Shippings

Nightcloud and Crowfeather- I pity Nightcloud but I wish she was Feathertail.

Whitestorm and Willowpelt- Poor kittens. Didn't Whitestorm have a gazillion mates or something?

Goldenflower and Tigerstar- She still loves her kits and defends them against the others prejudice.

Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight- For cryin out loud just GET BACK TOGETHER!!!!

Graystripe and Millie- Millie is ok. Silvertream is better but Millie isn't bad.

Ferncloud and Dustpelt- Ferncloud is awesome and she is to gentle to be a warrior. That's not her fault. Plus its sweet how all of the sudden Dustpelt is just like, "I think I'm in love with Fernpaw"

Snowfur and Thistleclaw- Thistleclaw I HATE but Snowfur..I get her veiw. I talk about the guy I like to my friends all the time and they wish I would just shut up.

BAD Shippings

Leafpool and Crowfeather- See my little rant.

Daisy and Cloudtail- HE HAS A MATE YOU LITTLE......

Daisy and Spiderleg- If you didn't want kits then why did you have them Spiderleg??????

Squirrelflight and Ashfur- Live and let live. I get your heartbroken and all but still!

Hollyleaf and Breezepelt- Horrible. Even without them being related its horrible. When their related it is sick and wrong.

Breezepelt and Heathertail- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Don't go to the Dark Side Heathertail!

Post more later!

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  • New friends via the amazing friend list are Poppystorm!
  • Sandstorm is still up for approval. I hope she gets approved soon!
  • I have new polls, Icecloud is now a deputy and what do you think about Blue|x|Oak?
  • 1,300 edits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I will be on here less because I am working on Warriors Fanfiction more and my life is really hectic. I promise I'll be on though.


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Wikipedia- This really helps on reports and stuff.

Warrior Fanfic wiki- Pebbleshine introduced me to this one. Thanks, I mean to get on it soon. Stupid time, why must a day be only 24 hours?

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