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My Opinions on my Favorite Cats

[[Ashfur (TC)]]: He's amazing. Don't think I'm one of those people who only like him because I feel sorry for him after Squirrelflight left him for Brambleclaw or because I want to be different. I've loved him ever sicne he was born in Into the Wild. I love his appearance, his personality, his backstory, almost everything about him. And lots of people say stuff like "Ashfur shouldn't be so self-centered! Lots of cats lost their mother or father when they were younger and fell in love with someone they couldn't have!". Yes, but Ashfur had everything torn away from him very early in his life. *clears throat*

  • He lost two of his siblings before he was an apprentice.
  • He became an apprentice at a very dark time, when Tigerclaw/star cared only about his ambition.
  • Dustpelt, Ashpaw's mentor, didn't give two mousetails about Ashpaw. He only cared about Fernpaw, Ashpaw's sister. Whenever they did something good, Dustpelt praised them but threw all the praise toward Fernpaw and threw the neglect at Ashpaw, leaving him with it.
  • Cloudpaw later disappeared. Cloudpaw was Ashpaw's best friend at the time and Ashpaw knew Cloudpaw's secret but didn't tell anyone because of how loyal he was to Cloudpaw. He spent all the time Cloudpaw was gone, caring about his best friend.
  • Cloudpaw later was rescued and Ashpaw was very happy... but Bluestar went crazy later on and forgot about the other apprentices and made Cloudpaw a warrior while Ashpaw and the rest of the apprentices had to continue living a long and slow apprenticeship.
  • Not long after Cloudtail became a warrior, Ashpaw's mother was killed. Ashpaw begged to help get rid of the dogs because of what they did to his mother.
  • The dogs were forced out, but still Fireheart, who was becoming leader, refused to make Ashpaw and Fernpaw warriors. Obviously Firestar forgot how he and Graystripe were made warriors when they were too young. But Ashpaw accepted it.
  • But finally, Ashfur became a warrior, ready to be close friends with Cloudtail again. But Cloudtail had no time for friendship. He was too busy with the scarred Brightheart. And he couldn't go to Ferncloud, she had a mate too, Dustpelt. (nothing against the four, I still like those cats).
  • Ashfur never whined or complained like most of the cats in the book would. But he found love. He found Squirrelflight. But did Squirrelflight love him? Nope. She only thought of him as a clingy little tick. And after she forgave Brambleclaw (even though Squirrelflight started the fight between them), she threw away Ashfur's love like a piece of crowfood and came running back to Brambleclaw (and this was after he saved her life from a badger when she thought she was going to die, yet she only thought that she could save herself, but poor Ashfur couldn't watch the love of his life die).
  • Ashfur was angry and confused and Hawkfrost came up and told him a way to turn his broken heart into a fracture. Ashfur tried to make Squirrelflight feel his pain by killing Firestar. Although it didn't succeed, he coped with his pained heart.
  • Moons later, Ashfur was given the "son" of the cat who ate his heart. He was so angry and confused that he threw it at Lionpaw.
  • Then the fire came. He thought he could show Squirrelflight the pain he felt. But then Squirrelflight announced that they weren't her kits and said he could kill them (which proves how stupid and heartless she is. Even if they weren't her kits, they were her neice and nephews and she loved her sister so why not her kits?).
  • Ashfur knew she couldn't keep a secret this big, so he left and was going to tell the Clans at the gathering.
  • Ashfur was close to revealing the secret to ease his pain at least a bit, but he couldn't... Hollyleaf decided to be so stupid and kill Ashfur. (and then what'd she do? Oh, nothing but tell the secret herself. It seems as if she wanted all the glory for being the loyal cat... -_-)
  • And Ashfur was still in pain. He watched from StarClan as his love still lived a good life.

Sorry for the rant. But hopefully you Ashfur bashers understand.

Scourge: You may be evil, but evil characters are forced to have the best design and be EPICER THAN THE MAIN CHARACTER!

Tigerstar: Don't give up on your reign for power, Tigerstar! Love ya!

Hawkfrost: You're the epic pimp! You're like a mini Tigerstar! :D

Ivypaw: I still don't know if I love you or your sister more, but you're just plain epic!

Graystripe: Ha! Who doesn't love you? You're like the comic relief (funny) character! (I just wish you kept that personality)

Leafpool: You're a pretty sweet she-cat. I understand why you gave Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and (dumb) Hollyleaf to Squirrelflight.

Heathertail: I thought you and Lionblaze would last. Oh, well. I still love you.

Flametail: Your death was just so sad! You ended up being my favorite medicine cat (Jayfeather coming closely behind).

Jayfeather: You're close to my favorite medicine cat (coming closely behind Flametail) and you remind me quite a bit of Yellowfang.

Lionblaze: You're my favorite out of your siblings! Your power is just, plain epic!

Cloudtail: I'm so glad you didn't judge Brightheart for the way she looked. I also love your rashness as a kit and apprentice

Whitewing: I just love you for some reason.

Cinderpelt: I miss you. Even if you were re-born, I miss good, old Cinderpelt. I also wish that you and Firestar had a chance.

Brightheart: I love you, Brighty!

My Opinions on my Least Favorite Cats


My Opinions on cats I'm Okay With

Crowfeather: I like you, but PICK A FRIKIN' SHE-CAT!

Firestar: I liked you in the original series and part of The New Prophecy series, but after a while, you lost your personality and you just grew dumb.

Sol: I don't love you, I don't hate you. I do like mysterious cats though. I heard you're coming back in the SkyClan manga. That's pretty cool.

Breezepelt: You're rash and annoying, but I guess you're a little cool? xD

'Mistystar': Like Sol, don't hate you, but don't love you.

Icecloud: Yep, one again, don't like you, don't hate you.

Poppyfrost: Meh. *Does the so-so hand motion*

Leafstar: Not sure if I like her, or hate her. But you are doing a good job keeping SkyClan going, I'll give you that.

Favorite Fan-shippings

Hawkfrost X Ivypaw (EchoShipping)

Cinderpelt X Firestar (BarbecueShipping)

Bluestar X Tigerstar (BetrayelShipping)

Longtail X Mousefur (CrankyShipping)

Dustpelt X Sandstorm (DesertShipping)

Firestar X Spottedleaf (DreamShipping)

Bluestar X Crookedstar (DynastyShipping)

Brightheart X Swiftpaw (FollyShipping)

Tawnypelt X Blackstar (HalloweenShipping)

Bluestar X Redtail (PurpleShipping)

Russetfur X Blackstar (ShadowShipping)

Brightheart X Jayfeather (SightShipping)

Scourge X Ashfur (RevengeShipping)


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