For those of you who have stumbled upon my userpage, hello there!

As a former admin and someone who spent a lot of time here, I've had a nagging need to close out what I started years ago so here it is:

Thank you Warriors Wiki! To all the people I knew and all the history that was made, I cannot be more thankful. There is a surprising amount of memories and growth that I attribute to my experiences and time here. Surprising because this is a wiki about a fictional story line about cats, yet this was still a phase in my life that has made me who I am today for better or for worse. No matter the fights, the drama, or the struggles, doubt not the love and commitment I had for this wiki, the growth it has imparted upon me, and especially for the people here.

It is amazing to care for something. I cared for this wiki, quite a bit too. That's how you gain respect: by caring. Because with caring and compassion, comes the ease of dedication, self-sacrifice, hard work, and thorough enjoyment. Yet, my care for this wiki has diminished and my care for other interests have far exceed this wiki. It's the magic of change.

While I am a firm believer in not indulging in regrets, I think regrets teach us something. The biggest regret I have is not having left when I should have. It hindered myself as well as the wiki. I wasted so much time trying to hang on to tatters of the past when I knew that I no longer had any compassion for this wiki. I also wasted the wiki's time in not reaching that conclusion until action was taken. The largest red flag in this situation was having a vote of no confidence, and not really knowing or caring about it. I want to share this regret with you because I think it's a learning opportunity. Let your care for this wiki run its course, yet, also acknowledge when it's over. It will save all parties involved the time and effort to force you to acknowledge it. (Haha, sorry friends)

I know whenever I came across a user who published their farewells and have closed this chapter in their life, I always felt a bit lost, especially when it was someone who I knew well. This is normal, because the only consistency in our lives is change. I was challenged when people I considered friends left because I felt torn between moving on with them and staying stagnant to where I was here on this wiki. However, it has long past been the time for me to move on.

While this is not a solemn, final goodbye, because the future is unpredictable and I may reread the original (and best lol) arc, it is "The End" to this chapter of my life as your admin and as an active community member here. :)

If you need to direly reach me, you'll have to look it up, it's really not that hard.

My actual userpage for those that want to draw inspiration

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