Aurorablaze is a she-cat with a rare and unusual bright blue pelt with turquoise-green patches and brilliant blue eyes

About me

Age: 13

Favorite books/Authors: Warriors (duh), Harry Potter, Caroline B Cooney, Shadow Children Series


Why I am not in RiverClan with my siblings

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My thoughts on the Characters

Hollyleaf: I hate her. She is so paranoid! YOU"RE NOT FOLLOWING THE WARRIOR CODE! ARGGGGHH!!!!. She is a mental patient. You and Ashfur ruined everything!


Onestar: Why did your friendship with Firestar end as soon as you become leader? Why would you attack ThunderClan for no reason, and what type of name is Onestar??? DoesOthat mean that his apprentice name was Onepaw?! That sounds really weird!!

Cloudtail: He is a good warrior, but I don't like it how he doesn't believe in StarClan. I also don't like how he is still attached to kittypet life.

Tallstar: Friendly, nice to ThunderClan, but still extremely loyal to his Clan. Good friends with Firestar. The name is a little weird, but I don't really care.

Bluestar: Great leader! My favorite character!

Yellowfang: She is grumpy, but funny. She is my second favorite character.

Cinderpelt/Cinderheart: I wish Erin Hunter would make Omen of the Stars so Cinderheart suddenly realizes that she is Cinderpelt, and starts accidently responding to the name Cinderpelt.

Firestar: I love him!!!! He needs to stop bringing every kittypet he sees into the Clan, though.  

Brambleclaw: How on earth can Firestar trust him?! He visited the Dark Forest! When Firestar was caught in a fox trap, he had to THINK if he wanted to kill him or rescue him!!!

Tigerstar: I hate him. Because of him, Bluestar is dead.

Heavystep: That is a stupid name.

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