aka Beebs, B

  • I live in Snowy Hell
  • I was born on September 19
  • My occupation is roleplaying, being pathetic and useless, drawing, writing
  • I am trash


this is what I do best for projects, look


i used to work here but not anymore.

decline all my images, nominations, etc. deps in projects that i was leader in go to next person. i know im not efficient, not relevant anymore, and im sorry i could not do my best for you all. this is goodbye.

what i was good at can be seen above. now, everything is gone. any motivation to do things? gone. its all drained away... but im sure the new users, with effort, will be able to fill my shoes just as fine. like a teacher, im expendable - there will be others to replace me. and so this is it. adios!

i will not be missed.

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