Berrykit is a small, fluffy, beautiful silver-gray tabby she-cat with dark stripes, white paws, tail tip, ear tips rainberry-blue eyes, a face that narrows towards her muzzel, and gently tapered ears.

(Okay I need some help with descripions for my kits and there names are Mooncloud and Lilcafeather)

My Family :

Morningpool : is a small creamy-brown and white she-cat with hazel-blue eyes.

Lightningfur : is a tom with an unknown descripion.

Mate and Kits (kits are ending with kit)

Emberwing : is a fluffy dark gray tom with glowing amber eyes.

Lilcakit : is a she-cat with an unknown descripion (Warrior name : Lilcafeather)

Icekit : is a small, fluffy snow white she-cat with icy-blue eyes and a black, brown, tan, and gray paw, and black tail tip. (Warrior name : Icestorm)

Moonkit : is a she-cat with an unknown descripion. (Warrior name : Mooncloud)

Irsikit : is a small, fluffy snow white she-cat with a blackish-gray raindrop marking on her head all the to her tail tip, light gray paws, tail tip, and green eyes (Med. cat name : Irsipetal)

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What ever you want

+)(+ (I seen A Nightmare on Eelm street)

Nettlecloud : Fallow your heart young one your destiny lays behond the harison up to Starclan, is that what you want

Berrymist : Yes but what should I do?

Nettlecloud : Do what you think is right Berrymist

Nettlecloud a Starclan cat speaking with Berrymist in her dreams.

Emberwing : "You have to leave now!"

Berrymist : "I will and I will be in Starclan when you need me."

Emberwing : "Go ahead die for all I care, go back to Proud Rock and cry!"

Birdfeather : "You get her Emberwing, Go."

Berrymist : "I wish I never ment you, you never take care of Moonkit your own daugther and your last daughter."

Berrymist and Emberwing fighting at the border with Birdfeather.

Emberwing : "Look I'm sorry for whay I said to you moons ago, can we still be mates?"

Berrymist : "Sure but you have to take care of your kits more often..."

Emberwing : "I will my Berry Pie!"

Berrymist : "Moonkit is a warrior now, her name is Mooncloud!"

Birdfeather : "Fox dung I hate you Berrymist I hate you all!"

Emberwing saying sorry for fighting with Berrymist while Birdfeather yells at them.

Berrymist : "I thought of some names..."

Emberwing : "What? I bet there beautiful names honey!"

Berrymist : "Icekit and Lilcakit.."

Icekit : "Daddy?"

Lilcakit : "Where's Daddy this Daddy?"

Berrymist : "Yes Emberwing is your Daddy!"

Berrymist telling Emberwing what she named Icekit and Lilcakit.

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