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  • I live in a fANfiCtioNIZED house
  • I am female...definitely female
"I wouldn't give a mousetail for whatever he says. He may have a tongue as sharp as thorns, but he's as harmless as a flea. Of course, only if you don't anger him."
— Bethieleaf to Windpaw, reassuring him when Crowflash snaps at him in The Adventures of Cheetahfern

Bethieleaf is a flecked brown she-cat with a gray tail and front paw. She has brilliant green eyes.

As a human

Hi, Bethieleaf here. Jus call me Beth n welcome 2 my page.

This gal sticks as close 2 the warrior code as "a caterpillar sticks 2 a leaf".

Another thing bout me: Imma crazy bout writing. Mebe I'll be a writer wen I grow up.

"U can't have a paw in each world." Try telling dat to the kittypet warriors. I'm seriously going against them. If they wanna be warriors, den be warriors full time. Seriously, how do the kittypet apps sit their vigil... or mebe they dun have one at all? I wish Firestar were there to tell Leafstar off. Sharpclaw had better do something 'bout them soon, if Leafstar won't like a proper leader should.

What I think about cats

She-cats first

Daisy- Plez jus get out of the nursery n do some warrior duties. I don't mind Millie keeping her name cuz she does warrior duties. U're not even giving birth! I mean, seriously, plez jus do something other than, oh I dun noe, nothing?

Ferncloud- Plez dun be influenced by Daisy. Sure u've given birth 2 lots of litters, so much I dun noe if u remember how 2 be a warrior. Jus my pov.

Millie- Plez care more bout Blossomfall. I dun wan her going 2 the dark side... if u noe wat I mean

Leafpool- U were my fav character be4 n u still r now, tho I kinda liked u better in da 2nd series. Go Leafpool! U rock! I guess one reason I really like u is cuz ur personality is so much like mine. 2 be honest, I suspected Hollyleaf, Jayfeather n Lionblaze were ur kits from the very start. Still, it's kinda a shock wen u revealed u were their mother. Course I dun like ur fling w/ Crowfeather. Still, I admit he is kinda great. I jus think he belongs w/ Feathertail, is all. U rank 1st, tied with Spottedleaf. <3

Feathertail- I hate how u had 2 die, tho I seriously wun like anyone 2 go against the warrior code. Still, u'll always be a great character, one of the best! Mebe 2nd in my ranking. <3

Squirrelflight- I like u as much as ur sis, n I share Rock's view dat u n Brambleclaw shud be well rewarded 4 all u've done. I hate how he dumps u like dat. Dun worry, u have my backing! <3

Sandstorm- U'll probably rank 4th in my Best She-Cats in the Series. I think dat's enough 4 u 2 noe dat u're sooooo great. Too great!! (U noe, I've been thinking, wat if u had been w/ Dustpelt insted, n Spottedleaf lived? Things wud be sooo different.) <3 <3

Brightheart- Tho u had dat horrid scar, u still persevered on (course, Cloudtail helped, mebe a bit.)

Moonflower- U were such a great mom 2 Bluestar n Snowfur. I hate the med. cat who killed u.

Sorreltail- U're such a gud friend 2 Leafpool. Dat's y I'm luvin u so! P.S. Y'd u take Brackenfur as ur mate? I 4 one think it odd cuz he's waay older. Still, if u luv him n he luves u back...

Whitewing- Ur parents r great, ur kids r great, ur mate is great, so u shud be great too...

Songbird- Ur name is totally awesome!!! I really feel sorry 4 u cuz u died bearing Morningstar's kits...

Poppyfrost- I dun noe wat u n Honeyfern see in Berrynose. Dat doesn't mean I like u any less. Mebe a 6th...

Honeyfern- Geez, if I cud I'd go rite in2 the book n kill the snake who bit u...

Brindleface- U were the one who took Cloudtail, den Cloudkit in n luved him as one of ur own, were killed by Tigerstar 2 give the dogs a taste of cat blood (a noble death, if I do say so meself) n gave Firestar one of his nine lives... There's jus nothing I can see wrong w/ u. A noble example, indeed!

Birdflight- If not 4 u, there'd be no Spottedleaf... oh, n I'm glad u got back w/ Cloudstar. =)

Briarlight- I'm sorry 4 u cuz u lost ur legs. Nvm, dun worry, u'll be living a bit longer. Plus, u'll be an example 2 others in ThunderClan of courage n spirit. Briarlight! Briarlight! P.S I agree w/ Jayfeather: "The Clan brings you fresh-kill because they think you deserve it, and because looking after their Clanmates is what makes them warriors. They are proud to help you." Course, I agree w/ him on everything, 'cept bout Squirrelflight, Hollyleaf, Leafpool, Crowfeather n Brambleclaw.

Cinderpelt- Y'd u stray on2 the thunderpath? Y?! But den, u mentored Leafpool well, n helped the Clan a lot... I think u'll rank 3rd.

Yellowfang- One reason I like u is cuz ur so... so... great (lol, I use the word too much.) I've always liked sarcastic grumpy cats.

Hazeltail- I can't wait 2 find out who u will like. Let me think... is it Thornclaw? I hope not. If not, there's always Spiderleg (u've gotta be kidding me), Foxleap (a bit young, dun u think?), Toadstep (no way! he's ur half brother) n Bumblestripe (I highly doubt it cuz he likes Dovewing).

Spottedleaf- I sorta wish u were w/ Firestar, tho I prefer Sandstorm x Firestar. I jus want u 2 have a happy ending, not a gruesome death. Geez, ur soo gentle n thoughtful n pretty n u died the death of a warrior. Mebe 1st! <3<3<3<3<3

Mapleshade- I still dun noe wat u did wrong 2 be in the Dark Forest. U luved too much, is all. I hate ur mate, whoever he is. How dare he treat u like dat? U gave up ur Clan 4 him, n it wasn't ur fault dat ur kits died. It probably devastated u as much as it did him, yet he rejected u. The nerve of him. *bristles* Oops, I dun bristle.

Dappletail- U died cuz u ate a poisoned rabbit... I wish u cud have lived 2 see the new home of ThunderClan. Gud hunting!

Willowpelt- U sure had a lot of mates... n a lot of kits. I dun noe if u can tie w/ Ferncloud as who has the most kits... mebe Ferncloud will win.

Goldenflower- I dun noe wat u n Sasha saw in Tigerstar. U jus saw something in him dat was dazzling 2 u n luved it. N I dun blame u at all. He was one of the best, I guess, minus all his bad doings. Anyway ur kits Tawnypelt n Brambleclaw r some of the best warriors eva, so there's nothing really bad I can accuse u of. I give u a 9th.

Tawnypelt- I'm glad u stayed in ShadowClan... u really proved ur loyalty. I only wish u didn't give the prefix of Tiger 2 one of ur kits cuz Tigerstar isn't xactly my fav character. U rank 5th.

Blossomfall- Training in the Dark Forest, huh? I wish there was no such thing as the Dark Forest. All cats make mistakes, rite? Hate u, StarClan, 4 making a Dark Forest. U noe, I've been thinking it over. Mebe a Dark Forest ain't so bad after all.

Brook Where Small Fish Swim- I wonder wat u'd sound like in real life, I mean, I never heard how a Welsh accent sounds like, so I'm deadly curious.

Swiftbreeze- Tho ur a minor character, I still pay attention 2 u cuz ur a ThunderClan warrior n u mentored Lionheart. Thanks a lot. Too bad u didn't meet Firestar.

Sasha- Ur the only rogue I like asides Ravenpaw n Barley. U have such a great daughter n 2 ok-ish sons. I also like how u can love Tigerstar even wen he's soo evil, tho u didn't noe at the time. Still, wen u did, u loved him just as much. Mebe a 5th along with Tawnypelt.

Petalnose- Ur name rocks. U shudn't be blaming urself 4 Sagefur's injury dat time. Thanks 4 being such a gud friend 2 Leafstar. I hope u support Leafstar's relationship w/ Billystorm cuz she'll need it.

Leafstar- U r mates w/ Billystorm, a half-kittypet. Personally, I dun approve of kittypet warriors. If dat's wat u want, tho... It's ur problem.

Snowfur- I dun really approve of u taking Thistleclaw as ur mate. Howeva, ur great in any other way n I mourn ur loss w/ Thistleclaw, Bluestar, n the rest of ThunderClan. U rank 7th.

Softwing- I really like ur name n I was thinking of calling my character, Bethieleaf, Softwing at first till I saw ur name n decided not 2.

Mothwing- I dun really get y u dun believe in StarClan cuz u seemed 2 believe in it at first. Mebe Hawkfrost changed ur mind. I still like u all the same tho. U rock!! :D

Sunfish- Nice name. A bit weird, but catchy. U sure had a great way 2 help Leopardstar overcome her fear. I'm wandering wat u look like. Mebe a yellowish cat, eh? Or mebe a white cat w/ yellow patches? Either way, I'll like u jus fine. U also helped take care of Silverstream, one of my favs, so thanks. Oh, n one thing I wanna ask: in wat way r u related 2 Stormfur n Feathertail?

Swallowtail- I dun noe how u can like Antpelt. I kinda feel sorry 4 u cuz u lost ur mate pretty early 4 no gud reason.

Bluestar- Hi, o wise ThunderClan leader. I wish u n Oakheart wud have the same closeness u had as mates cuz I like u w/ him. Thrushpelt's not bad either. If I were u, I wud have gone crazy a lot earlier.

Nightcloud- Wat's the matter w/ u n Breezepelt? I dun even noe how Crowfeather cud luv u even a little. Wen I think bout it, I guess I can sympathise w/ u. Never mind wat I said earlier, Nightcloud. I kinda like u now, n I sorta understand y u're doin wat u're doin.

Leopardfoot- Didn't u teach ur son not 2 be so ambitious? Or is it cuz Pinestar's gone, ur too heartbroken 2 think bout ur son. Just jk, dun take it 2 heart.

One-eye- U sure u dun care bout ur name cuz it sounds aweful. How cud Pinestar name u like dat?

Robinwing- The only thing I remember u 4 is 4 giving birth 2 Ravenpaw, my fav rogue.

Speckletail- I'm sorry bout Snowkit. U noe, ur actually quite pretty. Ur mate is Smallear, rite?

Wind- I can't believe ur mate was ur deputy. But den, the warrior code wasn't made yet, rite?

Mothflight- Nice job, considering dat ur the 1st med cat eva... Mebe 10th.

Brightsky- I thought dat no one cud take on the name of the founders of the Clans 4 their prefixes n suffixes. Mebe it's cuz SkyClan was 4gotton by den D:

Birdsong- I only have one sentence 2 say 2 u. U must have been pretty wen u were younger.

Brambleberry- U look like a dalmatian cat. I've always luved ur pelt n ur name is kinda great too. U're also a med cat, so I give u an 8th :D.

Rosetail- I can't believe u liked Oakheart too. I guess he's too great, huh? Brave Rosetail.

Ashfoot- I like u cuz u're Crowfeather's mom, tho I can't xactly understand how u took Deadfoot as ur mate. Another thing I wanna ask, is it jus a coincidence dat ur mate, along w/ u, is a deputy of WindClan?

Echosong- U're a gud med cat. I hope u'll really stick 2 the warrior code unlike some cats...

Ebonyclaw- U'd be a better warrior if u had no divided loyalties. Like I said earlier, I dislike kittypet warriors. If u wud be a full-time warrior, I'd like u better.

Applefur- I kinda like u better as a kit w/ no knowledge of the Dark Forest. I wonder how things wud be like if a machine arrived n turns all cats 2 kits xcept Squirrelflight n Leafpool. Mebe they'd 4get everything den, tho I seriously doubt it.

Frecklewish- Now dat u're a med cat app, mebe u'll change ur mind n be a full-time Clan cat. Wadda ya say?

Cinderheart- I dun understand y u can't be mates w/ Lionblaze. He's lonely. I luv u as much as Cinderpelt cuz u're her... u noe, n u're jus as awesome XD.

Princess- I dun noe y but I jus really like u.

Cody- I'm luvin ya 1st of all, cuz u're such gud friends w/ Leafpool n tried bringing Graystripe back. U also helped Birchfall. I jus can't see anything wrong w/ u cept the fact dat u chose the life of a kittypet, but I respect that. U n Princess will be the only kittypets I will EVA like...

Heathertail- 1st of all, ur name rockz!! I hope ur not thinking of making Breezepelt ur mate. Mebe u shud... it mite make him a better cat.

I mite consider continuing later kay, so onto the...


Brambleclaw- I've always liked u, ur personality, ur mate, everything bout u till u dropped Squirrelflight. I understand y u did it, but can't u 4give her? It's she n her sister who suffered the most n she probably didn't tell u cuz she didn't want u 2 be involved in the whole thing. It was better, in my pov, dat she didn't tell u. Den u'd be innocent. But not anymore. Jus get back together w/ her plez...

Graystripe- I liked u better w/ Silverstream but Millie's not bad either. Now if u cud jus convince her 2 be more caring 2 her other kits insted of jus Briarlight, I'd appreciate it very much. Oh, n keep supporting Squirrelflight. Luvin u so... Mebe 2nd <3<3<3<3<33

Firestar- I liked u better as Fireheart. Still, u have my support.

Jayfeather- Of course, the 1st in my ranking 4 Best Toms in the Series!!!!!! I'm pawing u the golden award. Drumrolls plez... lolz XD

Lionblaze- Hey there. I hope u're gonna finally 4give Leafpool den persuade Jayfeather 2 do so too. I jus want everything 2 be rite again. Btw, since u're so mighty n powerful, y dun u jus kill everyone in the Dark Forest dat r alredy dead, xcept 4 Antpelt? I wanna see wat wud happen.

Darkstripe- U didn't think u were doing wrong, huh? I'm jus luvin u 4 wat reason I dun noe. U're like 3rd in my rankings. Dat's how much I luv n pity u <3<3<3<3<3

Scourge- Ok, I dun xactly like wat u were doing but I understand y u did it, so I kinda support u.

Berrynose- I'll leave the luvin 2 Honeyfern n Poppyfrost. Btw, I'm startin to like u. P. S. Dun be like ur mentor who is completely ignoring his former mate.

Breezepelt- If u eva find a mate, I hope she'll change u 4 the better.

I mite carry on later...

Quotes from the favs

Jaypaw: Mousefur, for the last time-

Mousefur: The last time? Good. Go away.

His snoring lulls me better than any medicine.

What's this, a Gathering? Any cat who hasn't something to do here, out! Give us all room to breathe.

Fuzz: My name's Fuzz. What's yours?

Barley: Er-Barley.

Fuzz: Hello, Erbarley!

Barley: No, just Barley.

Fuzz: All right, Justbarley.

Bluepaw: Crookedpaw?

Crookedpaw: I'm guessing my warrior name will be Crookedjaw. Unless my tail goes the same way. Then Hailstar might have to rethink.


Bluefur: Let me guess... Your name's Crookedjaw.

Crookedjaw: How'd you guess?

Bluefur: Your tail's still straight.

At last! Are they filling the apprentices' heads with thistledown these days? Of course you're dreaming.

Millie: I can't wait to tell everyone how my brave, tough warrior saved a little Twoleg... by acting cute.

Graystripe: Wha-huh? You wouldn't!

Millie: Plus, I'm sure the rest of your Clan would like to know.

Graystripe: Millie...!

Birchkit: It tastes like crow-food!

Ferncloud: You've never eaten crow-food. Now just swallow it.

Crowpaw: If this is shelter, then I'm a hedgehog!

Stormfur's thoughts: You're just as prickly.

Well, I'm more lopsided than a one-legged badger. I think I'll have to settle for hunting stupid mice. They won't stand a chance. I shall wander up to them and sit on them till they surrender.

I've changed my mind. I don't want to be a squirrel anymore. I'd rather be a bird.

Cinderpelt: Haven't you noticed?

Fireheart: Noticed what?

Cinderpelt: Fireheart, every cat in the Clan can see that Sandstorm is very, very fond of you!

Silverstream: You idiot! What are you doing on my territory?

Graystripe: Ummm...Drowning?

Silverstream: Can't you drown yourself in your own territory?

Graystripe: Ah, but who would rescue me there?

If it carries Fireheart's blood, it'll make a good Clan cat.

Graystripe: I hope he has them chasing blue squirrels all day!

Fireheart: But there aren't any blue squirrels.

Graystripe: Precisely!

Have you got maggot-gut or something? You're pulling some very weird faces!

Some info on Bethieleaf

Typical cat, typical Clan. This Clan lives on a hillside kind of terrain, complete w/ forests, streams n moors.

Bethieleaf is a typical cat, like I said, n she's pretty normal 'bout everything. She appears best as the best friend of Sandingomm and sister of Grahamstorm, who r pretty much main characters, n since she doesn't have as much importance, she gets to be in the spotlight here =D




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