Blackclaw is described as a male wolf with black fur and green eyes.

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Blackclaw is the son of Dusknose and an unknown female wolf. Blackclaw first appeared in The War, as an apprentice.

The War

Blackpaw first appears in this book. He and his littermates Dirtpaw (later Dirtpelt), Hawkpaw (later Hawktail), Ashpaw (later Ashfoot), Leafpaw (later Leafstorm), and Netpaw (later Netfur), are training to become hunters. Leafpaw, the medicine wolf apprentice, is training to become a medicine wolf just like her mentor, Lintheart. Blackpaw's mentor, Oakclaw, is very hard on Blackpaw for strange reasons. When Blackpaw begins to have dreams in which he meets Wiltstar, Whitestar's mother. Lintheart, on the other hand, seems a little suspicious.

The Beginning

The war is still going on, but a prophecy has come to the medicine wolf, Lintheart, saying The strongest clan will fall at the paws of the weakest clan. The "weakest clan" may refer to WindClan, the only clan that couldn't fight with leaf-bare. However, the strongest clan could be any three of them. More will be revealed in the third book.

The Dark Cave

Leaf-bare is finally over, but more trouble awaits them...
Blackpaw and his clanmate Hawkpaw discover that Leafpaw, the medicine wolf apprentice, is sneaking off at night. Blackpaw and Hawkpaw follow her one night and discover that Leafpaw is crossing into SnowClan territory. Blackpaw and Hawkpaw follow her into SnowClan territory, and find out she is meeting Foxpaw, a SnowClan wolf. Blackpaw and Hawkpaw run back to camp, only to be caught by Ashpaw and Dirtpaw, who followed them to the border. The four of them agree not to tell anyone, because it would only cause more trouble in the clan.

The Rise of WindClan

After SnowClan mauled two of their hunters, WindClan has mysteriously disappeared, and the

other clans blame SnowClan for this problem.

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Shallow Rivers

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2nd Series: The Secret Forest

The Forgotten Clan

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The New Prophecy

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Field Guide: Wolves of the Forest

Blackpaw is a very calm type of wolf. He is good at hunting and battling other wolves. However, he always thinks of other wolves in his clan, and not himself.


Mate: Hollyflower: Living (As of The New Prophecy)

Sons: Sandpelt:Living (As of The New Prophecy)
Whitetail: Living (As of The New Prophecy)

Daughter: Shellfur: Living (As of The New Prophecy)

Grandkits: Dawnkit: Living (As of The New Prophecy)
Blackkit: Living (As of The New Prophecy)
Ramkit: Deceased Suspected StarClan member

Fav Parings

LeafXCrow (Jaypaw definitely got his grouchy personality from Crowfeather) FireXCinderpelt (it would have been more interesting if Cinderpelt mated with Fire) SquirrelXBramble (sry Ashfur, but Squirrelflight loves Brambleclaw more)

Least Fav Parings

LionXHeather (DARKCLAN?!?! what the heck is that junk?) JayXPoppy (Jayfeather is not suited for you) FireXSand (Sandstorm, youre supposed to torment Firestar, not mate with him!) CrowXNight (Crowfeather, Nightcloud obviously is too much for you) BerryXHoney (Berrynose does not love you! Get back to reality!)

Opinions on Chars

Firestar - Can't you see that Cinderpelt loves you? Leafpool - Why didn't you run off with Crowfeather? Squirrelflight - YES! You finally killed Ashfur! Brambleclaw - Nice job dude, you won Squirrelflight! Sandstorm - Go back to tormenting Firestar. Ferncloud - OUT OF THE NURSERY!!! NOW! Dustpelt - Stop mating with Ferncloud! Jayfeather - Poppyfrost does not love you. Honeyfern - BERRYNOSE DOESN'T LOVE YOU!!! Nightcloud - Give Crowfeather back to Leafpool. Crowfeather - Your mate is Leafpool, not Nightcloud. Lionblaze - I see that you like killing cats. Hollyleaf - It's against the warrior code blah blah blah be more like your brothers.

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