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Well, my real name is Jenny and I love Warriors. I'm sort of new to it, but I've been reading as much as I possibly can. Then I found this helpful wiki and so I joined as Blossomsky. So here I am! :) My best friend is Cloudynight.

I'll try to do my best at editing pages, thing is I'm kind of a newbie and I'm not really sure how everything works. I'm lucky I could figure out how to change my userpage! XD Anyways, besides the Warriors series, I also like Percy Jackson, Septimus Heap, and Harry Potter.


Blossomsky is a fictional character I made up for an RPG. I chose her name as my username because she was my Warriors persona at the time I signed up. My current Warriors persona is Spottedsnow.

Siggys :3

Current and only one: Blossomsky

21:59, August 23, 2010 (UTC)

Fave Characters

Graystripe- no explanation needed.

Firestar- same as Graystripe

Squirrelflight- she's cool!

Brambleclaw-he's just...awesome!

Jayfeather-I love his sarcasm. :3

Lionblaze-I don't know what it is about him that I like, but I love him!

Tawnypelt- She's kind to ThunderClan even though she's ShadowClan.

Cinderpelt/Cinderheart-both are really cool

Dovepaw-she's one of the three

Honeyfern-she gave her life for Briarkit

Cloudtail- do I really need to explain?

Silverstream-way better than Millie



Feathertail-brave and she's the daughter of Graystripe

Stormfur-he's just cool

Blackstar-I like his pelt.

Purdy-I don't know why I like him, I just do.

Cats I Don't Really Like


Tigerstar-evil and mean

Hollyleaf-she killed Ashfur to keep the secret safe, then she told everyone! What was the point?! But she was pretty cool before going mental.

Daisy-she just sits there all day in the nursery, has a heart attack if a kit trips, and she tried to STEAL Cloudtail! >:(

Millie-she STOLE Graystripe! (in my point of view she did. Silverstream could've waited for Graystripe in StarClan and then when he died he'd see her again...but noooo. Graystripe ran off with Millie. What happens when Graystripe goes to StarClan with Millie and sees Silverstream again? Awkward silence! Or maybe-and hopefully- Millie doesn't believe in StarClan and when she dies she won't go to StarClan and it'll be GraystripeXSilverstream again! :D Wow I really need to stop rambling.)

Ashfur-get over Squirrelflight already!

Blossomfall-Arrogant little crow-food eater...

Stormtail-Why did you ignore your kits? You're so mean!

Spottedleaf- Not necessarily hated, but it makes me angry that she won't just get over Firestar. He has a mate, he doesn't love you! He never really truly loved you! He only liked your pelt and your scent! Get over it, it's not going to happen! ...phew. Done with my rambling.

Charart Requests

I've only recently started making chararts because I was having problems with my computer earlier, but that's in the past. Before my computer stopped working I used to make all sorts of sprites and such, so I've got some skill with pixels. Nothing big. So if you'd like, you can request! ^.^

Here's the form:




Pelt Color:

Eye Color:

Just post on my Talk Page and I'll get right to work!


Current: TwisterClan
Past: WindClan





Grassfang, Redeyes


Mentor(s): Harefoot
Apprentice(s): None yet
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