Hey everyone. With much thought put into this decision, I am retiring from my administrator position fully. Warriors is now a fond memory, but I don't want to actively engage in a website about it anymore. I have surrendered my rights as administrator and bureaucrat and will very likely no longer be around to edit. It's been fun, but I am done now. Thanks to all those who made this a good experience in my life. I leave you in the capable hands of Moonflight, and our two shadow admins Kitsune and Eulalia. Good luck to everyone. =)

Welcome to Bramble's Realm
Hello, and welcome to Bramble’s user page. I came to love the Warriors series a few years ago when I was in sixth grade, and then later on discovered this website. I found it amazing that a community of Warriors lovers could connect through the Internet. Two years ago I finally worked up the courage to join this place, and I passed through a great deal of learning my first few days. Since then, in-between adding information to articles and creating art for Project Character Art, I became leader of the aforementioned Project. A few months after that, I became an administrator. I still cannot believe how little time has passed and how much we have grown. As of December of 2010, I have given up the post of leader of Project Character Art and I wish my successor Oblivion luck. I will always be happy to answer any questions users may have, and I hope you come to find this website enjoyable as you edit and contribute its articles. Thank you, -Bramble -Hyuu~

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