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How the do you make a fmaily tree????? I can't seem to make mine perfect.

About Brambleleaf

Hello, my name is Brambleleaf, the medicine cat of ThunderClan. I am a small, pretty, long-furred dark brown tabby she-cat with white paws, chest, tail tip, and face. I have blue green eyes and a pink nose. I am the only daughter of Dovewing and Tigerheart. I live in ThunderClan with my brothers, Marshstep (dark brown tabby tom with green eyes) and Galestrike (large, lithe smoky pale gray tom with amber eyes). Our Clan leader, Bramblestar know that we where his Kin as well as Firestar's since me and Marshstep look almost like him and Dovewing's Kin is Firestar.

Opinions on other cats

Brambleclaw - I feel bad for him since he was betrayed by his now former mate, Squirrelflight. That's why my cat is based on him.

Squirrelflight - Go die in in a hole! You betrayed Brambleclaw and your Clan.

Firestar - OMG how long are you going to live??? You have been in almost every book. Die already!

Jayfeather - He is one of my favorites. I like his snappiness. I love him, too.

Lionblaze - I know how you feel. You should be with Cinderheart Also one of my favorites.

Cinderheart - HOW DARE YOU???? Just because Lionblaze is part of a prophecy, he does not love you any less than before. Take him back!!!

Breezepelt - YOU ANNOYING LUMP OF FUR!!! I hate you so much. You try to kill Jayfeather and Poppyfrost!!!

About myself

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