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Male This user is male.
User-eblue This user has
blue eyes
User-hbrown This user has
brown hair
Bluestar.leader This user is wise
like Bluestar This user is snappy
like Yellowfang
Dustpelt.warrior This user is loyal
like Dustpelt
Logo-thunderclan This user is brave
like ThunderClan
Cloudtail.warrior This user is devoted
like Cloudtail
Cinderpelt.apprentice This user is talkative
like Cinderpaw
Firestar.leader This user is fair
like Firestar
Logo-riverclan This user is smart
like RiverClan
Mistystar.leader This user is a good leader
like Mistystar
JOSH This user's name is Josh.
Cake This user's birthday falls on
Day 17 of Mid-Greenleaf


This user is a Cancerian.

This user was born in the Year of the Horse
50px-60px-Gnome-globe.svg.png This user lives in
the United States
en-5 This user is able to contribute with a professional level of English
it-1 Questo utente può contribuire con un livello semplice di italiano
1337-0 This user has no idea what 1337 is and/or prefers to contribute using proper words.
Ubbi-0 Thubis ubusuber duboes nubot ubunduberstuband Ububbubi Dububbubi
Pig-5 Isthay useryay ancay ontributecay Igpay Atinlay atyay ayay ofessionalpray evellay.
Userbox-MemberFor This user has been on
the Warriors Wiki for
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edit This user has made 3 contributions to the Warriors Wiki.
Friends This user counts themselves as a friend of Berry
Userbox-FoS This user owns a copy of
Forest of Secrets.
Userbox-RS This user owns a copy of
Rising Storm.
Userbox-ADP This user owns a copy of
A Dangerous Path.
Userbox-TFW This user owns a copy of
The Forgotten Warrior.
Userbox-TLH This user owns a copy of
The Last Hope.
Userbox-MistystarOmen This user owns a copy of
Mistystar's Omen.
Userbox-tLW This user owns a copy of
The Lost Warrior.
Userbox-WR This user owns a copy of
Warrior's Refuge.
Userbox-Wre This user owns a copy of
Warrior's Return.
UserBox-tR This user owns a copy of
The Rescue.
Userbox-BTC This user owns a copy of
Beyond the Code.
Userbox-tRoS This user owns a copy of
The Rise of Scourge.
Userbox-SCD This user owns a copy of
SkyClan's Destiny.
Logo-starclan This user has read
all the Warriors Books, and
StarClan honors this user.
OTS-1 This user likes the
Omen of the Stars arc
Noimage This user is a fan of
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