aka Bree, Freakshow, Psycho

  • I live in Mars, with my Egg Monsters, DuneCat, Domo, and Nyan Cat >:) And with Hollyleaf ripping the guts out of the Mars Rover(No guts, I know.)
  • My occupation is Writer.. Artist? Both?
  • I am sitting on Santa's lap at the age of 37 and a half. I am also always being woken up at 3:30 a.m. to be given chicken nuggets by my sister.. (Girlz, duh, what else?)

Hello to anyone who is reading this(Lol), Breezesky here, but call me Bree if you want. Thanks for coming to my profile, you can read all about Bree, along her family too! :) =^.^=. ~Breeze of Dead Winter


Okay, look.. I am writing/typing this message here to let all of you know my laptop, sadly broke. I have to get a disc for it so I can get Windows back.. I am waiting forever to have my mother get it for me, so I have to either use my sister, or brother's(Give me a toilet..) laptop until mine is fixed. I will be more active on my site, if you need me.. but I might not be able to get on here, WWikia, most of the time since I may only have an hour or so.. I will try my best to get on whenever I most likely can. So.. as from now on.. farewell friends until my laptop is up and running.

From, a former active member,



File:Breezesky request.png

Breezesky is a small, fluffy dark gray she-cat with teal-blue eyes, faintly darker ears, paws, and tail tip.

Breezesky is currently in BeachClan with her mate; Darkenedbreath, and their newborn kits; Midnightkit, Dappledkit, and Rainkit. Her past was in BloodClan, RiverClan, and as a Loner. Her parents are Jadenose and Spiderfur while her only sister was Lilysplash.


Jadenose is a fluffy pale gray she-cat with teal-blue eyes. (Alive, Warrior)
Spiderfur is a slender brown tom with darker flecks and amber eyes. (Dead)
Lilysplash is a slender light brown tabby she-cat with violet eyes. (Alive, Warrior)
Darkenedbreath is a fluffy dark gray tom with black tabby stripes and blue eyes. (Alive, Warrior)
Midnightkit is a fluffy pale silver she-cat with violet eyes, and patches of gray, dark gray, and black on her pelt.
Dappledkit is a fluffy tortoiseshell and white she-cat with icy blue eyes, silver paws, and muzzle.
Rainkit is a fluffy pale silver she-cat with ebony brown eyes, and dark gray, black, and dark brown patches.

My Stuff

Okay, so my friends are Rain-Bear, Rainey, Wildheart, Paleh, and Leopardclaw.

Feel free to call me by one of the following names- Bree, Breeze, or DuneCat.

My computer was being stupid and I hit the back space button to delete a spelling error, but turns out I didn't click the typing box screen thinggy(I shall always call it a thinggy) so it went back and deleted all the work I did on my page, so all of what I thought of my friends and about me was gone! My laptop will sometimes act stupid like that..So...Yeah..

So many things that I could tell you..Oh, but that would mean you are a Stalker.

Here are a few quick facts about me, like favorites and such.

1. I suck at spelling.. most of the time.

2... and that's it.. Stalker..

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