I welcome you to my den. I am BrightSun.

Just a "small" request:


  • you have time
  • you can write in french
  • you have the will


It's SERIOUSLY LACKING informations... I don't want to advertise but... I believe french people also have the right to have a great wikia about a great serie!!

About myself

I am a warrior of ThunderClan. I was born a rogue but I was too young to remember anything since I joined the Clan when I was still a kit. 

Many events happened while I was an apprentice but it is a very long story. I can tell you it involves: forbidden love (with WindClan); rogues; conspiracy against Clans.. 

(I am writing a book about it: so far 54 pages done (updated)). 

I have a mate but no kits.

Oh and for more infos: Moonshine is a medicine cat and Stormkit is a verified StarClan member.

I won't tell you about anything else yet. (because if I make up my mind to post the book... it will spoil all the surprise). 

About myself and warriors

What can i say... I just loooooooove the series!!

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About myself (the real me in real life)

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My favourite pages

  • It's worth checking this
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