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My Userboxes

Hiya all! I'm Cheetahstar! But everyone else on the wiki calls me Cheetah most of the time, and sometimes, usually on IRC, Cheetz. Feel free to ask me any questions. But I don't know everything. :P I'll try to answer in the best way possible! :) I hope ya'll have a totally awesome day! :D If you need me, I have a pretty unpredictable schedule, so don't expect me to answer right away. :P

About Me

Hi whoever's reading this! My name is Cheetahstar123. (Duh) I like Warriors and I laugh easily. I started reading Warriors sometime in November of 2010. Since then, I've read all the books but SkyClans Destiny. I have blond hair and green eyes and I recently took an interest in running. Call me Cheetahstar123 if you like, but I prefer Cheeta. I live somewhere in the United States and I like swimming. I started to use this wiki sometime in 2010, and I joined in January. The 12th, to be exact. My favorite books are Warriors, Redwall, Mistmantle Chronicles, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Calvin and Hobbes. My favorite movies are WALL-E, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Day the Earth Stood Still, and Prince Caspian. I like country music, and my favorite artists/bands are Rascal Flatts, The Band Perry, Sugarland, Reba McEntire, Toby Keith, Tim Mcgraw, Craig Morgan and Ashnin Shepard. Believe it or not, the ONLY Warriors book I own is Sign of the Moon. Kinda wierd, ain't it? Right now, my userpage might be messy at times, but that's 'cause I'm just getting the hang of all the coding and that sort of junk.

Personal Info

  • Name: Cheetahstar123
  • Age: Not telling
  • Country: U.S.A
  • Region: Eastern Coast
  • Nicknames: Cheetahstar, Cheetah, Cheetz*

*Used only on IRC, and even there, rarely


  • Season: Summer
  • Music: Country
  • Books: Eagle of the Ninth, Flame Over Tara, Beyond the Desert Gate, Kite Fighters, Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes
  • Color: Blue, Violet, Dark Slate Blue
  • Animals: Cheetah, Dingo, King Cobra, Ball Python



  • Brightheart: I feel sorry for you. Your body was damaged, but your spirit wasn't! Ya ROCK! :D
  • Briarlight: See Brightheart.
  • Rock: Like Jayfeather says, don't ever expect a straight answer from Rock. ;3
  • Brook: You swim in awesome sauce.
  • Crookedstar: You're so wise....
  • Thistleclaw: I like the ThistlexSnow Thistleclaw, not the training cats in Dark Forest Thistleclaw.

Least Favorites:

  • Tigerstar: If you don't hate him, plz tell meh.
  • Thistleclaw: You trained Tigerpaw/claw/star to be evil. I'm glad Bluestar chased you to Dark Forest.
  • Breezepelt. You tried to kill Jayfeather. Need I say more?
  • Russetfur. Get a life. I'm glad Lionblaze killed you.
  • Blackclaw: You said you apprentice could shred Brook! I bet ya a million mice s/he couldn't!
Even though I'm only a member of Project: Characters, I'll post my current nominations. (Of which I only have 1. xD)
  1. Ravenpaw - Silver Nomination - Currently Nominated
  2. Barley - Silver Nomination - Currently Nominated
Thoughts on Other Users

Moonflight: A totally AWESOME person who is really nice. =)

Helix: He is a great friend and is AMAZING with templates and coding.

Midnitesky: She introduced me to userboxes. But sadly, she left. :(

Raineh: OMSC! (Oh my StarClan XD) Where do I start?! She is so nice that it blows me away! XD

Leopardclawxx: She gave meh my first try at making a sig for another user. Thankies, Leopard! :D

Rainlegs: I'm SO glad she became a rollbacker! Congrats Raineh! She is a totally cool person, and the sigs she makes are the coolest! :D

Cheetahpaw: One of the few users other than moi with the "Cheetah" prefix to their username.

Wildheart: A really awesome person who rocks at chararts! :)

Here are a few of my most-used other sites.

You can usually find me at my Pixlr account, Warriors Theory Wiki, Redwall Wiki, my YouTube account and my DevianART account account. You'll find meh as XxCheetahfurxX there.
My sub-pages and several useful links. My Link Page, Signature, My Floaty-Box Page (lol), Character Art Project, Moonflight's Talk, Rainleg's Talk, My Blog, My Guestbook

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