Hi and Welcome to my userpage! I'm a user at CotC, and loads of other wikis.. If you have any questions about the wiki, please ask me:D

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Polls :)

I'm Leaving.

Hi, everyone. Due to the closing of Adopt A User, and the fact that the management of this wiki has, according to my opinion, become too strict, I will be leaving here. If anyone would like to rp with me or contact me, please do so at 5 clans wiki. I'm very sorry to leave here as I have lots of friends here, and it was the fist wiki I ever joined. But I'm sure you'll understand my reasons for leaving. Since I'm in Yr9 now, and preparing for my GCSEs, I've being getting less and less time to go onto wikis, anyway, along with the fact that many of the first ever friends I made here have also left. I'd like you to all know that I had a very nice time here, and I'm very sorry to be finally turning my back on WW. I'll still be at CotC and 5cW, though, so I haven't totally disappeared off the face of the earth ;) Thanks, ClarrissaMy Talk Page 18:55, January 11, 2011 (UTC)

About Me!

Hi! My name is Clarrissa Koins but you can call me Clara,Clarrissa,or whatever you want to. I love maing new friends, and I have 4 cats. I was an apprentice in adopt a user and I have graduated. My mentor was Grayravenpaw. I love warrior cats and I have practically all of the main books. ClarrissaMy Talk Page 13:15, October 26, 2010 (UTC)

My Favourite cats from the series!

Firestar-Best leader ever!

Sandstorm-She really cares for Firestar. I think they make a good couple.

Graystripe-The rightful Thunderclan deputy. He would make a good leader.

Silverstream-She shouldn't have died. She really loved Graystripe, you know.

Feathertail-The one perfect mate for Crowfeather.

Stormfur-He belongs with the warrior clans.

Brook-She and Stormfur should have some kits and she should stay in Thunderclan, but I can see why they returned to the tribe.

Ashfur (TC)-He should have been with Squirrelflight. I don't blame him for going a bit mad.

Honeyfern-She shouldn't have died. If she had kits it would have been quite nice.

Cinderheart-She would be a good leader for ThunderClan!

Cinderpelt-The best medicine cat ever! She still tried her best even though she knew she would die.

Bluestar-She was really good when she was Bluefur.

Oakheart-He really loved Bluefur and he wanted the best for their kits.

Mistystar-She will probably make a great leader now that evil Leopardstar is dead.

Stonefur-If it wasnt for him,Feathertail and Stormfur would be dead.

Dustpelt-He is a good father to his and Ferncloud's kits,but its disgusting that they are cousins!

Ferncloud-Good mother. she makes a good couple with Dustpelt,its a pity they are related. :P

Shrewpaw (TC)-Might have made a good mate for Squirrelflight.

Lionheart-He was a great deputy and he trusted Firestar. He would have been an interesting leader.

Whitestorm-He should not have died. he would make a good leader. Whitestorm rules!!!

Willowpelt-She was a good mother to Sootfur, Sorreltail and Rainwhisker.

Sorreltail-Good mother to Honeyfern , Cinderheart , Poppyfrost and Molepaw.

Brackenfur-He is a good father to his and Sorreltail's kits and he would probably be a good deputy/leader.

Sootfur-Pity he died,he might have been made deputy. Anyone but Lionblaze!

My Rant-Leafpool

I dont know whether to like or hate Leafpool. I mean when she was Leafpaw she was great and I did feel sorry for her when she had to give up the one cat that she loved and her kits. However... Leafpool is just so stupid and depressed these days, sometimes I wish that Hollyleaf had killed her. I know that she lost everything but please she was just so mean to Jaypaw in The Sight, telling him that he must acept his destiny and all... I had no clue that she was his mum until Long Shadows. I just think Leafpool is so stupid now. Honestly. I feel like yelling at her, "Go away and die,you miserable LEAFPOO!" It's like sometimes she can't even see the obvious. So unless she becomes a medicine cat again and gets a better, more worthwhile life...I shall hate her even more. ClaraMy Talk Page 09:27, March 13, 2010 (UTC)

Cats I really hateXD

Daisy-Learn to fight and hunt! Do you even care about Thunderclan?

Stoneteller-Stupid cat. He tells loads of lies. He is a disappointment for the Tribe of Rushing Water.

Hollyleaf-Evil cat. I am sure she is in the dark forest with Darkstripe , Tigerstar , Hawkfrost and Brokenstar.

Spiderleg-Is not a good father.

Tigerstar-I didnt know that Scourge gave you a prescription for drugs.

Darkstripe-No clan loyalty. You tried to kill Firestar!

Hawkfrost-Okay I guess its your fathers fault that your like this but honestly you were so evil!

Brokenstar-kit-stealer and kit-killer. Do I need to say more?

Poppyfrost-Why did you love Berrynose? Where did your kin-loyalty go? Shadowclan?

Brambleclaw-If Firestar wasn't so nice he would have fed you to the crows. You visited the Dark Forest and plotted to kill your own leader!


Breezepelt-Here is one evil cat who should not have not have been born.

Crowfeather-You used poor Nightcloud to proove yourself and you made stupid Leafpoop pregnant! You betrayed Feathertail!

Lionblaze-You should be with Heathertail-she made you happy. I can't believe you tried to kill her! You're so power-mad, too!

My Favourite warrior couples!

FirexSand-I think its great in Firestars quest!

SqirrelxAsh-Ashfur would do anything for Squirrelflight.

GrayxSilver-This is purrfect!!!!

WhitexWillow-I just think its great,its a pity they are both dead now :(

BluexOak-This was so cute in Bluestars Prophecy!

BrightxCloud-He loved her even though she lost an eye!

WhitexBirch-A little random but in Sunrise it was so cute!

BrackenxSorrel-Great parents.I wish there was more of this!

HoneyxBerry-This was so cute.I hate that snake!

StormxBrook-They didnt care if they were clan or tribe,as long as they were together.

FeatherxCrow-She died for him!

Random Warrior pairings!

ThornxHazel-They both need mates but maybe Thornclaw is a little too old...

DovexTiger-I loved this in Fading Echoes!!!!

DaisyxLion-I would laugh SO much!

IvyxBumble-Random but possible.

ShrewxSquirrel-Maybe if he didn't die...

MousexMinnow-Where did this go? It was so good!

LeafxThorn-Ha ha! Leafpool is so dumb and stupid! Poor Thornclaw!

RosexBumble-I really like this. It might happen too.

OnexDarkforest/Starclan-Die,Onestar,Die! LOL.

JayxStick-I laugh every times this happens!

PoppyxMouse-Why, Berrynose, Why?

BreezexDarkforest-I hate you,Breezepelt!!!

DaisyxThorn-Poor,poor Thornclaw!

My Signatures!

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Siggie colours!

White, Silver, Thistle, Violet, Orchid, Fuchsia, Magenta, Crimson, Red, Tomato, Salmon, Orange, Goldenrod, Wheat, Khaki, Yellow, Olive, Green, Lime, Aquamarine, Cyan, Aqua, Turquoise, Teal, Blue, Navy, Purple, Chocolate, Brown, Maroon, Saffron, Black.

Siggie Symbols!

(Just copy and paste!)

★ ☆ ◼ ◻ ◯ ☀ ☯ ☹ ☺ ☻ ☼☽☾☮ ͢ ♥ ♫ ♪ ツ

(There are more,but I can't be bothered to paste them, right now)


Interview with Daisy, by Tulipfoot!

Tulipfoot:Hello, Daisy, I'm Tulipfoot, form Riverclan.


Tulipfoot:Is it true you used to live in a barn?

Daisy:Yes!!!!!!!!! It was so nice and warm!! I never did anything for myself!

Tulipfoot:Why did you leave?

Daisy:The Nofurs would have taken them...they did that to Floss's kits....

Tulipfoot:Some cats would say that they wouldn't miss Berrynose.

Daisy:Look! Food!!!!!!!!

Tulipfoot:Oh, some cat has brought fresh-kill.

Daisy:Do you think Foxleap, Firestar or Cloudtail could be my new mate?

Tulipfoot:Foxleap is too young and Firestar and Cloudtail alredy have mates. Why don't you learn to hunt or fight? Instead of waiting around for some tom to like you?

Daisy:Hunting and fighting is too dangerous!

Tulipfoot:*dryly* Oh really.

Daisy:I'm going to eat a wabbit!!!!!!

Tulipfoot:Okay. I'm off to interview Firestar. Goodbye Daisy! *mutters* and good ridance.


Interview with Breezepelt, by Tulipfoot!

Tulipfoot:Is it true you want to kill lots of cats?

Breezepelt:Yes. Crowfeather. Will. Die!

Tulipfoot:Okay.......Why do you hate your father so much?

Breezepelt:Ask him. Fleabag mouse-brain.

Tulipfoot:Excuse me?

Breezepelt:It was him who had to fall in love with stupid Leafpool...

Tulipfoot:Why won't you forgive him?

Breezepelt: Because I won't. Leafpool is next on my hit-list...

Tulipfoot:Um...yes, okay...sure.

Breezepelt:I will rule Windclan and kill Firestar!

Tulipfoot:What have you got against Firestar?

Breezepelt:If it wasn't for him and his stupid mate, then evil Leafpool would never have been born! And I would not be so crazed and evil!


Breezepelt:Anyway. I am mates with Heathertail! *sniffs hautily*

Tulipfoot:I don't think so. Is that her, shouting at us?

Heathertail:Breezepelt, you lousy cat! Move yourself! I want to be interviewed!

Tulipfoot:Hmmm....I think you need to give up your dreams, Breezepelt!

Breezepelt:Shut up Heathertail!

Tulipfoot:So. Is that Nightcloud?

Nightcloud:Where's Crowfeather? He's gone off with that Thunderclan she-cat again, hasn't he! I'll never forgive her!!

Breezepelt:Shut up mum. I'm being interviewed!!!

Nighcloud:You disrespectful young cat...

Tulipfoot:Okay Breezepelt, I've got to go...*exits*

Breezepelt:Sheesh...Now I'll never be famous...


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