aka Cloudy, Stormy

  • I live in New York
  • I was born on August 4
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I been waiting a while to go here and I have done it. I love this place, already.

About Cloudybreeze

Hi, I am Cloudybreeze, Medicine Cat of RiverClan. I am a beautiful, small, fluffy, broad-shouldered and slender black, white, and silver tabby she-cat with beautiful, blazing blind blue-green eyes and a small, cute pink nose. I am half-RiverClan and Half-ShadowClan. I was born to ShadowClan Warrior, Nightwillow (black and silver tabby she-cat) and RiverClan Warrior, Mallowheart (Dark gray tabby tom). I had a sister, Yewkit (golden tabby she-cat), but died from Greencough.

I have four kits (two diff. litters), Adderstrike (large, silver-and-white tabby tom with blue-green eyes) and Petalbreeze (pretty, calico she-cat with blue eyes) and my other litter is Finchpaw (small, ginger tabby tom with white paws and chest) and Stormypaw (small, pretty pale gray and white she-cat). My mate is ShadowClan Medicine Cat, Thrushflight (handsome, silver tabby tom with white markings like mine).


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Family Tree

This is my family tree (It took me an hour to make it perfect). This family tree also includes my friend, Thrushflight's family, too.

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