Real me

I am Cloverfang, my real name is Breanna, and I am a SkyClan member (not really). My fave book is "Long Shadows" because it answers questions from "Eclipse", and then gives us new questions to think about. Right now, I am dating a warriors fan, (bye bye, warriors fan) and my two best friends love warriors! I absolutely love Warriors, and nothing will ever change that! I have 5 cats:

  • Smokey (I sorta liked him from the books, so yeah...)-tom- Dark gray tabby with yellow-green eyes
  • Sugar -tom- Ragdoll blue lynx point with blue eyes
  • Shiloh -tom- Half Maine coon/Turkish van black and white. He is colored like a Turkish but has fur like a Coon, green eyes
  • Chica (She looks like Sasha!)-she-cat- Half Siamese/something else, white with hints of brown and blue eyes
  • Mia-Tia (A seventeen yr.old cat...yeah that's an elder!) -she-cat- Dark brown, almost black barn cat. I think amber eyes

And I have 6 dogs and two horses and a lot of fish and I even have peacocks! U can tell I live WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY far away from town. Any town.


Hey, if ur just looking, sign ur name, plz! If ya wanna b my friend, two things: 1-call me LxC(leafpoolxCrowfeather). 2-say u wanna b friends, plz! Naarh! COME ON PPL, I'M A 13 YR. OLD GIRL WITH A BRATTY SISTER AND ALL MY FRIENDS GO TO SUMMER CAMP! LEAVE ME MESSAGES CUZ I LIKE TO TALK! Plz??????

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Hi Clover! Jane Volturi

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Hi Cloverfang! I have a cat called Mia! And theres some stray cat that bugs her and I call her Blackheart (Don't worry not copying you. I named her that before I met you). SkyClna ftw! silversquid {meow!} 23:13, March 20, 2010 (UTC)

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Cloverkit was born in WindClan, but when her mother died, her father brought her to SkyClan for a better life. Her foster mother was named Yellowtail, and her foster sister became leader of the Clan, Hawkstar. Her med cat fell in love with Smokefoot (not from ShadowClan, the one I made before POT!), and she faked dieing while giving birth so she wouldn't get in trouble. Cloverfang became Hawkstar's deputy after her evil deputy left with all his supporters and went to RiverClan. Sadly, though, Cloverfang never became Cloverstar. Here is why:

Cloverfang growled at Blackheart, standing in front of her. "You killed mama?" she screeched.
"Who else would kill Yellowtail, whom none had any kin?"
"What are you talking about? She had me and Hawkstar, and her mate!"
"No. You only want to think that," sneered Blackheart. "Because guess what? I killed Yellowtail, Nightflower, and Sootpelt. And I'm gonna kill you!" Cloverfang hissed, swiping her claws at Blackheart's face. He tried to get under her and trip her, but Cloverfang jumped up, nipping his ear. As Blackheart and his group rounded towards the camp, Cloverfang closed her eyes, knowing what she had to do.
"Hey, heap of fox dung! Do you all wanna tussle? I'll never let you in camp!"

All of them turned snarling their fool heads off. Cloverfang backed up, onto the ice. As all the cats got into the middle of the frozen pond, slowly advancing, Cloverfang put on a smile. This would save her Clan.

"Blackheart, you said you where gonna kill me? You won't get the chance!" she yowled, happy she wasn't scaring herself out of it.

As Blackheart leaped at her, Cloverfang screamed, "Praise StarClan!" and stammped the ice with her paw. When Blackheart's feet touched the ground, he immediately tried to turn around. So did everyone else, except Cloverfang. The ice cracked, and it bellowed in. As everyone fell, you could hear Cloverfang scream, "I did it for you, SkyClan!" and she went to StarClan, the Clan she loved.

Fave Characters

(In order):
  • Purdy - OMG I'm so happy you joined ThunderClan in Sunrise!!!!!!!!!! You're so funny! HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Lionblaze- I like you....but he did train under Tigerstar...which angers me...
  • Jayfeather- He don't pity the fool!
  • Yellowfang- Her tongue is so sharp and she has a personality just a bit like mine.
  • Cinderpelt- You poor, poor thing! You belong with Fireheart/star! Stupid Tigerstar...stupid twoleg monster!
  • Spottedleaf- She was so young! Firestar's all her's! HER'S! Back off, Sandstorm! But I don't like how you fell in love with Firestar like the day you met him.
  • Sasha- She hate Tigerstar now! He evil! But at least she could see he wasn't all bad.
  • Tawnypelt- Why you leave ThunderClan, girl? Smallear is dead now! Come back!
  • Hawkfrost- He seemed so nice... WRONG!
  • Brambleclaw- He needs to be leader! Die Firestar!
  • Mistyfoot- She agree's with Brambleclaw. Die Leopardstar!
  • Leafpool- She broke the warrior code... She a bad girl... She broke it double...heh heh
  • Moonflower- I didn't like you in Secrets of the Clans, but I did in Bluestar's Prophecy.

Characters I hate

(in order):
  • Stoneteller- Stormfur and Brook are dead. La la la. Did anyone see my pride run away? That's the song he wrote!
  • Brokenstar- I bet he even wanted to die himself.
  • Sol- He's a psycho maniac mouse brain.
  • Hollyleaf- That's not in the warrior code! Eating is not in the warrior code! You're not in the warrior code! You're exiled! And that is what she says to me every day.
  • Hawkheart- How dare you kill Moonflower? I hate you, you fox dung!
  • Ashfur (TC)- I can't believe you couldn't see the wounds... (As if!)
  • Breezepelt - Let me dung mixed with mouse dung, and cobwebs and bees in his brain!
  • Tigerstar-He was a total gentleman...He's now a mass murderer!
  • Bluestar- She was mad. She was too mouse-brained to realize her deputy was a mass murderer. I like BlueFUR better!
  • Onestar- NO! ThunderClan and WindClan as alley's forever! I hate you for changing that, Onie!
  • Daisy- She only sits in the nursery all day.
  • Ferncloud-She does, too.
  • Crowfeather - He is so stupid, he used his "mate" and he is obviously a she-catanizor! (Ok I hate him now)
  • Berrynose- He is considered a brat and spawn of demons. He should've be called Berrystumpytail!( I seriously thought his warrior name would be Berrytail)
  • Spiderleg- He is horribly rude and he hates the world and he mated with a fat, lazy kittypet! And his name sux! Horrible, horrible, horrible!
  • Firestar- I shall miss FireHEART when he's dead, but I shall not miss FireSTAR!
  • Leopardstar- Agreed.

Ok Characters


  • Redtail- Do I need a reason?
  • Blackstar- He good and evil
  • Lionheart- He needed to live longer! WhY???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Whitestorm- He is so awesome and I was so sad when Snowfur died he was like "is Snowfur playing hide-and-seek? Does she have a treat for me?"
  • Birchfall- Sometimes he's a brat...but sometimes he's cool!
  • Nightcloud- She...she was used...
  • Goosefeather- I liked you at the first, but then you were insane. But you were smart! You could tell all the way into the future that Tigerkit would be evil.
  • Ivypaw (OTS)- She's kinda stupid, if you ask me.
  • Dovepaw- Also pretty stupid, but better than Ivypaw.

Couples I support

(In no particular order):

  • LionxHeather = kittens :)
  • BirchxWhite = The 4th apprentice
  • StormxBrook = More kittens
  • CrowxLeaf = The three
  • CrowxFeather (SOB!!!) = Nothing... (More sobs!!!)
  • FirexSpotted = More nothing
  • Daisyx No one! = NO DaisyClan!!!
  • CloudxBright = The mother of the fourth apprentice
  • RavenxAnyone! = Not being the only 1 without a mate!
  • FirexCinder = Even more nothing
  • RaggedxYellow = Evil
  • DustxSand = A million kits that shall never exist
  • TigerxSasha = One cat who doesn't believe in StarClan and another that tries to kill his own brother!
  • AshxSquirrel = Sadness/nothing (He really loved her, ya know?)
  • JayxThe Stick = Something called Barkkit or Woodkit XD
  • HollyxThe Code = A something who worships the warrior code more than StarClan...
  • Tiger(heart)xIvy(paw) = Something better than TigerxDove. Much better.

Couples I HATE!

(in order):
  • CrowxNight = Poop
  • CloudxDaisy = More poop
  • BerryxHoney = Kits who got ugliness from their dad
  • BreezexHolly = Idiocracy
  • JayxCinder = More stupid forbidden love
  • FirexSand = 1 lying kit and 1 kit who gave birth to double-breaks
  • RowanxTawny = Crazy kits
  • AshxLeaf = 1 Leaf that catches on fire and the ashes are really Brokenstar's spirit coming back to life. Mwa ha ha ha!
  • BramblexSquirrel = Nothing but a lying kit who kills everyone with it's lies! (Don't hate me...)
  • Tiger(heart)xDove = Stupid stupidness. Dove = Leafpool, Tiger = Crowy. STUPID!

Books I recommend

Ok, now time for the

Clans! (and tribes)

In order of fave to least fave
  • SkyClan (Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome...and different!)
  • WindClan (Sooooooooooo fast and loyal and shy, yet tough... major awesomeness! Except Onestar is evil)
  • ThunderClan (Ur fine, but you have got too many kittypets. Dump Daisy and you'll be ok. ;D )
  • RiverClan (U had a poopy leader. LONG LIVE MISTYSTAR!)
  • BloodClan (Get organized, then we'll see.)
  • ShadowClan (Ur a meanie Clan. It's ok to share and be...nice, once in a while!)
  • Tribe of Rushing Water (Ur healer is evil! Stormfur and Brook did not die!)
  • Tribe of Endless Hunting (I don't believe in u. I'm lucky I don't live in the tribe!)


Come on, I can't believe u couldn't figure out Leafpool was ur mother! Anyone could tell! I thought u were the smart one? And plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz don't get a mate, cuz forbidden love is waaaaaaaay overused! I think ur really ambitious.
In The Sight, at the end, u were all obssessed with being more powerful than StarClan. WHAT WAS WRONG WITH U?!? That was almost more than Hollyleaf is obssessed with the rules! WHY...?
Ok, the only reason ur my 3rd favorite is cuz of ur attitude, which helped u BIG TIME, buster!
I knew u weren't evil, bcuz u do have a soft side (when u wanna show it) ;D


U used to be like, my favorite cat in the WHOLE world, but then u had to go and be all obssessive over the rules! And leadership! I would believe u were Tigerstar's kin, but u fooled me! *Snorts angrily* Now, I am really happy you're dead, cuz u deserved it! Honestly, I never thought u had a power. Except power of obssession!
Let me get something straight. U killed Ashfur so he wouldn't tell at the Gathering, but then u go ahead and announce it? So u killed him for nothing *snarls at the thought of useless bloodshed* U don't kill someone, then do what they were going to do. So basically, u had no motive. MOTIVE OF STUPIDNESS!


Wow. I'm starting to dislike all of the three. Now that I think about it:
  • 1) U dreamed of killing poor Heathertail (Not ur fault, though)
  • 2) U try to kill Crowfeather, ur own papa (U don't try to kill someone just becuz they wouldn't move)
  • 3) U trained under Tigerstar (the only harm it did was it helped cause ur anger issues)
So... Ur evil but not evil at the same time...weird, isn't it? I didn't think u would be the evil one. It was too obvious.
I'm also happy u lived. The plot would be weird with a obssessive old lady and snappy dude. We need u cuz ur most exciting. Hollyleaf is always obssessing and stressing over the code, so she's dull. Jayfeather isn't so dull, but he's still pretty boring. I mean, all that stuff with Half-Moon and Stone Song was...useless. It didn't really serve a plot to the story at the time.

Songs I Wrote and Songs I did not write but rate!

Songs I rate!

Starstruck: By Lady GaGa! 'K...this is the only Lady GaGa song I like! I mean, she's weird! She has a song called Dirty Ice Cream!


Who should be the next leader of ThunderClan?

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Who should be Thornclaw's mate?

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Who should die next?

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