Hi, I'm Cloverfern, or Clover, a new user here! I enjoy reading Warriors.-Cloverfern 05:58, February 21, 2011 (UTC)

As a cat

Cloverfern is a beautiful, longfurred, sleek, slender, delicate cream she-cat with dazzling green eyes and a feathery tail.

As a person

I am a girl that enjoys reading, drawing and playing the piano. I like playing sports such as swimming and basketball. In real life, I am friends with Shinystar, Cherryleaf and Willowpool! We call ourselves PearlClan, and roleplay together at break!

My Favourite Characters

Cinderpelt: Girl power! Shame you died!

Squirrelflight: Of course I'd like you! You were so clever and brave. It's unfair others hate you, you were only trying to help Leafpool.

Silverstream: I cried when you died, and when Graystripe mated with dumb Millie, I was upset.

Honeyfern: You are great! I wish you didn't die saving Briarlight.

Firestar: Who wouldn't like you??

Cinderheart: Girl power as well!

Whitestorm: It was soooooooooo unfair you had to die before your kits became warriors. By the way, I'm a huge fan of you!

Ivypaw: You rule! You only wanted to be a good warrior, like Dovepaw. It's unfair she gets all the attention just for being a good hunter, and she gets to go on a trip. Finally, you've been convinced that the Dark Forest is bad, and yay!

Feathertail: You're sooooooooo brave!

Brook: You're great!

Cats I Absulotely HATE

Tigerstar: Do I really have to list my reasons here?

Hawkfrost: Look at Tigerstar.

Leafpool: Whiny, stupid, brat. You break the warrior code too much. It's all your fault your clever daughter went crazy, and your sister broke up with her mate. Crowfeather belongs to Feathertail, not you!!

Daisy: Lazy, stupid, ugly, fat idiot. You only sit in the nursery, pop out kits, eat fresh kill, and do absulotely nothing else! Go back to the horseplace, where you belong!

Poppyfrost: Mate snatcher. As soon as poor brave Honeyfern died, you snatched up Berrynose and started breeding with him. And running, sobbing to the Moonpool just to seek advice! You're not a medicine cat, for heaven's sake.

Crowfeather: You are sooooooooo stupid. Do you love Feathertail, Nightcloud or Leafpool? You were the one who created all this misery; if you hadn't made Leafpool pregnant this catastrophe wouldn't exist.

Dovepaw: Dumb, whiny, rule-breaking git. You break the warrior code too much. You don't know the difference between Clans. First it was Sedgewhisker, then Tigerheart. Ok, I know you're friends from the journey, but you're from different Clans! Ivypaw is wayyyyyyyyyyyy better than you!

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