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Hi My name is cooldogrocksstar! But you can call me Moonpaw or moony! Hee hee! I am funny and ....FUN!!!!

ME: Age: 13 Hair color dark brown

Pics, they are not in wikia, but i wish to be in the charart project:

Dawnstipe (Queen):


Swallowflight (I know you maybe can't see it, sorry!)


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My story: Moonpaw.

I was born in Thunderclan, Moonkit. One day I went out to explore the forest, when I saw a dark gray tom was around the Thunderpath. He was fighting a white cat on the Thunderpath road. I ran to stop him, but then a monster was heading toward them. I attacked the tom, while the white cat tried to get up. "Don't worry I will help you!" I shouted. But then the monster came and ran over the cat. I finally scratched the dark gray tom in the eye and he ran off. He was a shadowclan cat, of course. "No!" I yowled, I should have saved the cat. But i didn't, the cat smelled like Thunderclan. But then somehow, I knew who it was. It was Whitepaw, a Thunderclan apprentice. After I became a apprentice and asigned to a white tom, Lightwing. The cat that I let it died was his sister!
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