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Coral|She/They|Rollback|US, ETC

Hey there! My name's Coralflame, but you can call me Coral. I love Warriors too much, and there's not a day anymore that I don't edit the wiki. I love it too much for that. I'm not busy too often so if you have a question, definitely contact me. I am a rollback, and I can help you, especially with Projects.

I'm the Deputy of Project Books, a warrior in Project Characters, Project Awards, Project World and a apprentice in Project Character Art.

My discord tag is Coral#9065, you can contact me there too.

My edit goal is 5000

My favorite characters are Ivypool, Jayfeather and Squirrelflight.

I have made many friends on this wiki, and some of them include Jayce, Spooky, Vec, Max, Patch, Thunder, Star, Sun, Potato, and many others! If you're reading my userpage right now, I hope one day you and I can become friends^^

Nominations*Sig*Polls*Old sigs*Awards* Requests*Chararts*Userboxes

I take sig and charart request. I'm good with coding, and I also take tweaks.

"Don't do it. Whatever's led you here...still, don't do it. I was right where you are once. Ready to hurl myself off that very same bridge. Don't do it."
―Ciaran to Sage Light Mage, page 118

Countdown to A Warrior's Choice on April 6.
Countdown to The Place of No Stars on April 6.
Countdown to Winds of Change on June 1.
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