Long ago you were part of a group of ancient cats. In the heavens you were cast out among your own kind. Not even your own mother could bear to face you, but now you have found your place. Your calling. Your Destiny. Where you were flawed we supported you. Rest well young one, the stars have not given up on you yet.
— StarClan Cat in Dappleclaw's Dreams

The Real Me

I am a boy and I live in Manitoba, Canada. My birthday is on December 31.



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Dapplekit's Apprentice Ceremony
Flystar: Dapplekit, Honeysong will be your mentor, I hope you follow her pawsteps in the way of the medicine cat
Everyone: Dapplepaw! Hollowpaw! Sandypaw! Dapplepaw! Hollowpaw! Sandypaw!
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Dapplepaw's Medicine Cat Ceremony
Honeysong: Many signs have shown me, it is time to give you your full medicine cat name.
Dapplepaw: I- I don't know what to say! I don't feel ready!
Honeysong: Your vast knowledge of herbs, and the amazing connection with StarClan you have, prove to me you deserve your name. I name you Dappleclaw!
Everyone: Dappleclaw! Dappleclaw! Dappleclaw!
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Cat's I Know


Misha - a fluffy brown she-cat with darker stripes, amber eyes, she has a dark stripe running down her back, white paws, belly, and muzzle, lighter streaks

Muffin - small brown tabby she-cat, my best friend's cat


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