aka Some name you don't know

  • I live in Somewhere Over The Rainbow
  • My occupation is Human
  • I am Asian

Dapplecloud is a sleek, white and silver tabby with light blue eyes


Hi! Welcome to Dapplecloud's user page! Feel free to write on my talk page or vote on polls although I won't be replying to them really because....I am quitting the wiki. For those of you who have truly supported me and constantly cheered me up, make me laugh, everything, thank you so much for giving me something to look forward to on the wiki!! Life wouldn't be the same without the wiki but I'm still quitting because of my busy schedule. Thank you everyone on the wiki for just being yourself and being a part of my wikian family!!! Farewell!! *sob* I might come on to see how the wiki is progressing someday...someday...

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