aka Frosty, Dark, Keeℓin, Darky

  • I live in the moon.
  • I was born on July 31
  • My occupation is making cats that resemble the moon.
  • I am the moon.
My Current Goal: Getting Frost (SC) (Star) approved and getting 1000 edits.

Hi! Make yourself feel welcome!
Hi everyone! I'm Darkfrost, but feel free to call me Frosty. I'm friendly, unless you begin to get under my skin. Just to warn you ahead of time, I'm very stressed all the time, and if you cross that line, and I mean that line, sadly I may get nasty. No hard feelings though, I usually apologize afterwards. :3 I'm good at charart, and practice all the time. I know a little about source code, and copying off of others' codes help me learn more. And I have read almost all the books. Hope you are having a fun life, and may StarClan light your path...  Frosty ☾Supernatural 22:29, October 8, 2014 (UTC)</font>

Opinions on other users:

Creameh: She came a couple of months after me to the Wiki. She didn't know a lick about charart, and I took her under my wing in a way, and showed her how to do it. She's very nice, and a true sweetie.

Cloudy: Well, where do I start? Our start was a bit, er, rocky. But I respect them greatly. They are hilarious, once you get to know them a bit. You have to earn their respect, I realize that. And I think I have. For that reason, I know I can always go to them if there is a problem in my life, even if it's so simple.

Beebs: Oh my gosh, you're awesome! Lord of the art of characters, in my opinion. :D You're funny, and nice.

Kelpsey: Gosh, sister, you're more like me than anyone I've ever met. We get into fights sometimes, but it's nice to have a good friend that shares your same veiws. I love you, Kel. :D

Leggo: Sarcastic, but funny. Amazing at charart, and LOVABLE

Starry: She was one of the first I met on the wiki. She is so nice, and helped me get my nickname Frosty. c:

~More coming soon~


I'm an author and writer. Author of a book yet to be released but I believe it'll be the next big thing.

I'm an artist. Been painting and drawing since two. Went from finger painting all the way to landscapes almost like the greatest artists paint. Went from drawing stick figures to drawing anime, and then soon real people. I still draw anime more though.

I am very good at charart.

Lalala...Oh, was I supposed to be typing something here about me? xD

I am on a Swim Team, I have a job as a lifeguard, and a rather busy week which prevents me from going on here a lot.

Like most of us here at the wikia, I don't read the warriors series that much anymore. Only sometimes when I feel like I'm in an extreme-cat-book-reading mood. I read the books so I can help out with editing the wikia, and coding, character art, etc. I do charart requests, so if ya got one, fill out a form, knock yourself out, give me your most extreme cat-pattern you can think of that you want, and I'll show you I can do it(Sorry if I don't get to yours, it's not because I'm ignoring you it's just probably because 1.) you didnt use your signature or 2.) I just don't have time right now).

I spend my spare time practicing extremely difficult patterns, and colors, and styles, and shading techniques. And you'll get that one cat someone else couldn't do for you. :3 (I can do ocelot patterns, tiger, leopard, lynx, etc.)

Zyra is sexy, isn't she? She's an example of some of my extreme work. Texture & pattern is difficult for most. Darkfrost14.personal-0

Here are some various ways to follow me on social media, and to contact me. Pick your favorite=)

Email: [I check this one once every week if I have the time:], [I check this one most:] or [this one I look at all the time:].

Kik: Kurenai14

iMessage & Facetime:

Instagram: Keelin_James

Snapchat: Keelin_James

Skype: keelin.james

tumblr: amaterasuraven

Twitter: @KeelinJames

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