The character art that I(Frosty) have put up on the project and has been approved.  Frosty ☾Supernatural 11:28, September 4, 2014 (UTC)

(Showing the basic "Kit", "Apprentice", "Warrior", "Deputy", "Leader", "Queen", "Ancient Tribe", "Elder", and "Star" since the other blanks are not needing use at the moment. Also showing Tweaked & Redone.)

Currently Working On:

Mitzi (Lo).kit

Kits (6)

File:Harespring.kit.png Fritz (RP).kit Redstar.kit Clawface.kit Nightwhisper.kit Frogtail.kit

Apprentices (1)


Warriors (1)

Shattered Ice.warrior

Deputies (0)

~Soon to come~

Leaders (0)

~Soon to come~

Elders (1)

Rushtail (RC).elder

Queens (1)


Kittypets (1)

File:Frecklewish (SC).kittypet.alt.png

Stars (0)

~Soon to come~

Ancient Tribe (2)

Shattered Ice.ancient Jagged Lightning.ancient

Tweaked (2) Clawface.kit

Redone (0)

Chararts I've done for others (6)

File:Brightpatch-Darkfrost14.personal.png File:Skywhisker.personal star.png File:Skywhisker.personal rogue.png File:Skywhisker.personal leader.pngFile:Rosefur.personal Darkfrost14.png File:Brightpatch.png

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