Hey, I'd just like to inform everyone that sometimes my dumb computer overheats, and I have to wait about a half hour until it starts working again. I'm just saying, if we're chatting, and I suddenly stop talking, it's my idiot computer.

This isn't what's best. Mintkit is my daughter, Splashflower, and I won't allow you to ruin her life. Sometimes I wonder if all you think about is you.
— Tawnyfire to Splashflower in More Than Just Imaginary, page 21
"Blood is what you loved, not me. I am your son, Rosefeather! I want power through what I do every day, and earn it from what I do. I don't want it from my mother who was never there for me, and never loved me. But, it is not my destiny to kill you. It's Mintshine's. And StarClan knows I'll be laughing my tail off as you fade into what you are. A memory."
— Flamestar to Rosefeather in More Than Just Imaginary, page 541

Welcome to My User Page

Hey, and welcome to the realm of Dawnstreak. Or, as I'm called by my friends, Dawny, Dawn, or Windowsill. I love the Warriors series, and I'm a big fan of Jayfeather. I'm quite hyper, but, as Curtain says, very sociable and nice.

Why not browse around?

Thoughts on Other Users

Curtain: Ah, Curtain. Even though we just met, I can say that Icestorm is a great friend and person to be around. Even though I do hound her to change her userpage every time something happens, she's amazing. Just...amazing.

Mistystar: Mistystar is probably my first friend on this wikia. She's so nice and helpful, I wouldn't be anywhere without her help. I'd definetely recommend her to new users.

Rainlegs: Rainlegs...IS AMAZING! We talk on the chat, and of course, she is amazingly amazing and a wicked code kid. She helped me with my wittle green box, and is a great person to talk to and is super nice.

Please don't be offended or angry if you're not on here. Talk to me on my talk page, or on the chat!

Thoughts on Warrior Cats

Lionblaze: I. Hate. Him. He's so self-centered and acts like he's the only warrior in ThunderClan. There's a fox dude, and he doesn't want anyone to get 'hurt' while fighting it. Come on, we all know that you didn't want Thornclaw, Brackenfur, or Cloudtail 'stealing' the spotlight.

Rainflower: No one likes you. Want to know why? You completely ruined Crookedstar's childhood. Kits will be kits, you can't blame your own son for leaving camp.

Jayfeather: Everyone likes him. Well, almost everybody. I love his snappy attitude and will to find the truth. He's probably one of the best cats ThunderClan has ever had.

Hollyleaf: You're a good cat. I completely understand why you did everything you did. Heck, so would I. Ashfur was a great cat, and I was a little mad at you for killing him, but I understand it all. I wish you killed your brother, Lionblaze instead though.

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