Dewdrop: white she-cat with faded cream spots and golden paws,tail-tip,-ears,muzzle,and underbel

y blue eyes and scar on tail a nick in left ear and right twisted ear position: Deputy Thunderclaw: a large red-brown tabby tom with green eyes and giant claws with one split down the middle positon: Senior-Warrior

Lightningpelt: white she-cat with a black lightning bolt on left side of fur blue eyes position: Senior-Warrior

Frightfur: Black and white tabby she-cat with green eyes position: Warrior

Moonclaw:(adopted): Black she-cat with brown eyes and silver-ish glow on her pelt position:Warrior

Scartail: Big white she-cat very bad scars on tail and face blue eyes position: Queen(expecting puddlekit with blacknight)

Sugarsong:black-white she-cat blue eyes with some tabby stripes position:Warrior

Longtail,Dustpelt,and Egg adopted brothers (clan cats)

Mate:Fireheart(formerly), Bumblestripe(formerly), Harveymoon(formerly), Talon(formerly), Tigerstripe (huge brown tiger-like tom like tigerheart)

Kits:Goldshine(gold-orqange she-cat green eyes), Mistfur(blue-gray she-cat blue eyes), Creekmud(brown tom blue eyes), Peachflower(peach colored tabby she-cat green eyes), Stormclaw(huge gray tom brown eyes), Stripewhisker (gray-white-brown tom with brown eyes and stripes like bumblestripes)

Favorite warrior cats.

Bluestar:always been my fav.

Dovepaw: love her<3

Bumblestripe: lots of reasons

Fireheart:when he was fireheart i loved him

Whitestorm: so sad about when snowfur died

Spottedleaf: she should be with firestar

Lionblaze:um idk why i just like him

Oakheart: so romantic and nice

Snowkit: so unfair he was deaf and he died so sadly

Snowfur and Moonflower: great cats sad about their deaths

Warrior cats I like.

Jayfeather:he is ok but he never understands how cats feel

Yellowfang:ok i think she should be in my favorites

Ivypaw: i liked her but then she got to jealous

Tigerheart:i actually love him but i have a feeling he trains in the dark forest

Tigerstar:before all the evilnesss and killing he was ok

Warriors i dont like.

Brokenstar:he killed his father stole kits and helped rogues in an attack against thunderclan enough said.

Darkstripe:what he did to sorrelkit was not forgivable

Thistlecaw: *spits* never liked him

Hawkheart: NO!NO!NO!NO!NO! you deserve to be in the place of no stars you killed moonflower and might have killed bluepaw if you werent needed in the medicine den

sandstorm:why does everybody like her? i say BLEH NO! >:(

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brown hair
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like Leafpool This user is snappy
like Yellowfang
Dustpelt.warrior This user is loyal
like Dustpelt
Squirrelflight.apprentice This user is stubborn
like Squirrelpaw
Moonflower.warrior This user is loving
like Moonflower
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like Brightheart
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like Cinderpaw
Tallstar.leader This user is trusting
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Sorreltail.warrior This user is patient
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like Oakheart
pre This user is a preteen.
1979 This user is 1979 years old, and is a ghost, and will haunt you!
151 This user is 151 years old, and is a ghost!
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Sand x Fire
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Blackstar.leader This user thinks that Blackstar trusts nobody
Breezepelt.warrior This user thinks that Breezepelt is too aggressive This user thinks that Goosefeather is going crazy
Noimage This user thinks that Ivypool is too jealous
Leafstar.leader This user thinks that Leafstar has issues with naming cats
Logo-riverclan This user thinks that RiverClan is too snobby
Stormtail.warrior This user thinks that Stormtail ignores his kits
Noimage This user thinks that Tigerstar is way too ambitious
57px-Olhos_de_um_gato-3.jpg This user owns a pet cat.
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are Blue and Violet.
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is Red.
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