aka I like cheese :3

  • I live in the Dark Forest where I help Breezepelt get his revenge on Crowfeather ~ Crowfeather, you suck!
  • I was born on March 7
  • My occupation is a student that gets A plusplusplusplusplusplus in every subject ;P
  • I am female
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"I cheated fair and square. I cheated in good faith!"
— My dad to me after playing a game in house?


Welcome to my user page! I'm Dewstar, an apprentice in the Charart project, and I love being a part of it! It's really fun to be able to make your own shaded pictures and stuff like that. I am a warrior in the project: Characters. Feel free to browse around this page and see all the Warriors books I have; alot! Also check out my charcat template to see all the stuff I made up about my character Dewstar. Also, you can see the warriors characters I like and dislike. On my talk page, you can post a request for a signature or a charart. For chararts, just remember: only up to 3 non-project chararts per week. My talk page also has good Warriorcat names made by other users and I, so feel free to post your own good names. PS. I am not named after the ancient leader Dewstar!

70px This user is a fan of the chararts made by the epic user known as Mountain.

My name: Dewstar(leaf)

Nickname: Dew

My real name: it starts with an L..

Where I live:...In my house?

My favourite colour: purple!

Maybe you would have guessed by now.

Favourite school subject: Art

Favourite music: Inernational Love, Mash it Up, You make me feel, Co-pilot, Give me everything, Good feeling, Stronger, One Life Stand

Favourite season: Autumn

Favourite animals: Squirrels, Lynxes, Red Pandas (and cats!)

Favourite movie: Frenemies

Favourite TV show: Shake it Up (obsessed)

Pets: A bird named Soleil (french for sun 'cause he's yellow XD) and a dog named Taffy

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Random siggies for me

dew XdarkDewstar(leaf)I amnoillusion...


Dewstar(leaf) 2 01 2!

As snow fallsDewstar(leaf)Frost rises... |} |} </div>

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