"So take a spot in front of me and listen now, I'm coming clean. There're so many things I think you should know. Take apart all the melodies and deconstruct what's inside of me, you're all I want to see before I go."
Crywolf in Eyes Half Closed

Chesnutkit is a chesnut-colored tom with pale green eyes.

Hi! My name is Duskpaw891, but you can call me Dusk. I like love Warriors! I recently just came into this fandom and now I edit every MOSTLY every day :3

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Real Life

Pets: Finboy - a male guppy.

Age: None of your business

Name: Also none of your business - just call me Dusk.

Character Opinions

Firestar - He is a great leader!

Graystripe - He is a great friend, plus he was Firestar's first friend.

Sandstorm - Also a great friend, plus she's Firestar's mate! I just don't understand why she was being mean to him first

Bluestar - She is also a great leader! Too bad she died :(

Lionheart - Nice cat! He would have been a great leader :(

Yellowfang - She's great!

Spottedleaf - She was a nice medicine cat! She died young :(

Jayfeather - He's a great guy!

Bramblestar - He's also a great leader! Firestar trusted him even though he was the son of Tigerstar.

Scourge - He is evil! He killed Firestar. (Well, not exactly killed, Firestar only lost one life.) He deserved it when Firestar killed him.

Tigerstar - He is a traitor to ThunderClan! I'm happy Scourge killed him, or else he would have killed many cats.

Darkstripe - You were born in ThunderClan... and yet, you betrayed them and joined Tigerstar!

Bone - Scourge wannabe! And he killed Whitestorm!

Ashfur - Don't try to steal Squirrelflight from Bramblestar!

== If I were a warrior...


If I were a warrior, I would be called Lightheart. I would be called this because I am very light (literally, and I try not to injure animals, only bad ones) and I would be white with brown spots. I would be a she-cat and in ThunderClan or SkyClan.

I will feature this warrior in my fanfiction :3









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