Echomist is a beautiful silver tabby she-cat with large, startlingly green eyes. She is a queen of MapleClan. She used to belong to WaterfallClan, but after that Clan was wiped out, she came to live in MapleClan, and they welcomed her. Echomist has a very outgoing and likable personality, and because of this, she is very popular amongst her Clan. Her mate is named Blackfire, and they had three kits together (recently made apprentices), Shadowpaw, Silverpaw, and Fawnpaw.

Here are a few of Echomist's friends in MapleClan:

Rainweed - Dark gray she-cat with muddy brown paws and tail-tip and green eyes.

Blackfire - Handsome black tom with amber eyes. Blackfire is the father of Echomist's three kits.

Fawnberry - Beautiful bright ginger tabby she-cat with blue eyes. Fawnberry is the medicine cat of MapleClan.

Wishspark - Pretty pure long-haired snow white she-cat with delicate golden paws, golden tipped tail, golden ears and pretty amber eyes.

Brightsparrow - Gray-brown she-cat with a mixture of white and black stripes on her back and tail.

Peacesong - Grayish-white she-cat with one emerald green eye, one piercing blue eye, a sweeping plume of a tail, and long whiskers.

Eveningswift - Silver-cream tabby she-cat with amber eyes.

Brackenstorm - Golden brown tabby tom with amber eyes.

Real Me

Name: Ginger

Age: Teen

Hobbies: Reading (especially Warriors and Harry Potter), horseback-riding, swimming, doing stuff on the computer

Favorite Things: Warriors (why do ya think I'm on here?), Harry Potter, pink, purple, blue, lasagna, French fries, cats, horses, squirrels =P

Kittypets (in order from oldest to youngest): Tonya (silver tabby she-cat with green eyes), Two-spots (dark gray tom with two white spots on his belly and hazel eyes) R.I.P., Biote :'(

Other Pets: Sophie (beautiful white-and-blue female parakeet), Violet (yellow-and-green male parakeet), Sunny (very old yellow male parakeet), Charlie (albino male frog with pinkish-red eyes), Mary, Foxy, Sweetie, Madison, Joe, Squinty, Dover, Acorn, Lenny, and Kyle (mice; the first four are females, the rest are males)

My Signatures

Here are all of my siggies. Please do not copy.

Colors: (I'm only writing them here so that I don't forget them)

White with Black background, Silver, Thistle, Violet, Orchid, Fuchsia, Magenta, Crimson, Red, Tomato, Salmon, Orange, Goldenrod, Wheat, Khaki, Yellow, Olive, Green, Lime, Aquamarine, Cyan, Aqua, Turquoise, Teal, Blue, Navy, Purple, Chocolate, Brown, Maroon, Saffron, Black

Charart Requests

If you would like me to make you Charart, please paste this information on my talk page:

  • Your cat's name
  • Your cat's gender
  • Your cat's rank (warrior, deputy, leader, elder, etc.)
  • Longhair or shorthair
  • Your cat's base coat color
  • Necessary markings (if any)
  • Your cat's eye color

Here are the cats I made for PCA that have been approved in the 24-hour stage:

Favorite Characters

(Not in any order)

Wind - You're cool, even though we didn't get to know you that well. Plus I can relate to you - I can run fast too!

Rusty/Firepaw(Not Fireheart/star) - You're just so cute! Brave, smart, pudgy wittle itty bitty kittypet who joins ThunderClan... awww. But I don't like you as warrior or leader - you're WAY too perfect.

Graystripe - You've got a great attitude, all loyal and... I dunno... you're just great.

Jayfeather - You act all tough, but everyone knows you're a sweety at heart.

Lionblaze - Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight. That's why I love you, Lionblaze.

Honeyfern - You died way too early! You were such a sweet kitty! I wanted you to be be Lionblaze's mate! You didn't deserve to die!

Whitestorm - I liked you a lot. You were so loyal and sweet and brave and... WHY DID BONE KILL YOU? *sob*

Tawnypelt - You have got serious GIRL POWER! Yeah!

Dawnpaw - I only like you because you're Tawnypelt's kit. Otherwise... meh.

Tigerpaw - "Have I grown?" LOL. Go, Tigerpaw!

Flamepaw - Awww! You actually got to be a medicine cat!

Echosong - I love your name. I kind of copied it.

Spottedleaf - You were so sweet and gentle and caring. But you really need to give up on Firestar now. Number 1, you're dead. Number 2, he already has a mate. You get the picture.

Least Favorite Characters

(Not in any order)

Sandstorm - Ugh... spoiled little... gets everything she wants... *mutter mutter*

Squirrelflight - Liar liar tail on fire. You also have the misfortune of sharing Sandstorm's worst traits.

Leafpool - Do I even need to explain?

Fireheart - Yes, Bluestar. Of course, Bluestar. Sure you can have my tail, Bluestar. Anything you want.

Firestar - Perfecty perfecty perfectness. You're too perfect, man, loosen up a little! Plus you really need to die now and let Brambleclaw become leader, 'cuz you've been leader for WAY too long.

Hollyleaf - You have SERIOUS ISSUES! You tried to kill your mom, then you committed suicide! What is wrong with you?!?

Blackstar - You're a big fat murgh. I don't trust you.

Tigerstar - TRAITOR!

Clawface - You murdered Spottedleaf! I HATE YOU!

Sol - Ugh! You're just like Tigerstar! Way too ambitious!

Scourge - Yeah, I know you had a rough kithood, but that's no excuse for being a mass murderer! Seriously, get a life, fox dung!

Bone - You killed Whitestorm! HOW COULD YOU? DIE! *tramples to the ground in a frenzy*

Ashfur - Once again, I don't even need to explain.

Heathertail - Yiccchk. Blecch. Ewww... *makes other sounds of disgust and hatred that cannot be put into words*

I have lots of other fave and least fave characters... I'm just too lazy to remember them right now XD

Favorite Couples

SquirrelXBramble - I was so sad when I found out that you weren't really mates!

HoneyXLion - As I said before, I REALLY wanted you to be mates.

BlueXOak - It shows the other side of Bluestar, besides being an amazing leader.

BrightXCloud - You've been together for so long! Awwwww....

FernXDust - You've been together for so long too!

WhiteXBirch - Yay! The fourth apprentice!

Cinder(pelt)XLittle(cloud) - Never going to happen, but I love it anyway!

SpottedXFire - Spottedleaf died way too early! I was so sad!

TawnyXRowan - I love how Rowanclaw changed his attitude toward Tawnypelt. But I'm not even sure that Rowanclaw's a tom, so maybe s/he shouldn't have a mate...?

JayXStick - LOL. I totally love this pairing.

Least Favorite Couples

HeatherXLion - Heathertail, you're such a snob. You don't deserve Lionblaze.

HeatherXBreeze - Hey look! It's a pair of stuck-up mouse-brains who don't care about anybody but themselves.

HeatherXAnybody - Once again, Heathertail DOES NOT deserve a mate.

DaisyXSpider - WHAT!?! I do not understand you, Spiderleg...

SandXFire - Firestar, you're really too good for Sandstorm.

LeafXCrow - You're both such idiots! How did you think you would get away with it?

HollyXSol - I don't know who made that one up, but it's really... ahem... awkward.

SandXDust - When I was reading Into the Wild I thought this pairing was true. But really, Sandstorm does not deserve anybody.

Once again, I have more fave and least fave couples, but I can't recall them just now.

Monthly Poll

Who is your favorite medicine cat in ThunderClan?

The poll was created at 15:43 on September 25, 2009, and so far 173 people voted.

Last month's poll results:

  1. 22.58% would be solid black or black tabby.
  2. 12.9% would be solid gray or gray tabby.
  3. 12.9% would have a tortoiseshell pelt.
  4. 12.9% would have a different pelt color than all of these.
  5. 9.68% would have a white pelt color.
  6. 9.68% would have a calico pelt.
  7. 6.45% would have a ginger pelt color.
  8. 3.23% would be solid brown or brown tabby.
  9. 3.23% would be solid cream or cream tabby.

Warriors Upcoming Release Dates

For all people who can't remember:

Super Editions:
SkyClan's Destiny: July 21, 2010

Field Guides:
Allegiances of the Clans: April 8, 2010
Battles of the Clans: May 19, 2010

Omen of the Stars:
Omen of the Stars #1: The Fourth Apprentice - November 24, 2009
Omen of the Stars #2: Fading Echoes - March 24, 2010
Omen of the Stars #3: Dusk to Dawn - August 8th, 2010
Omen of the Stars #4: December 8, 2010
Omen of the Stars #5: August 8, 2011
Omen of the Stars #6: December 8, 2011

Ravenpaw's Path:
Ravenpaw's Path #1: Shattered Peace - November 24, 2009
Ravenpaw's Path #2: A Clan in Need - March 24, 2010
Ravenpaw's Path #3: The Heart of a Warrior - July 21, 2010

Warriors Movie:
Possibly coming out in 2011!

Warriors Countdowns

Countdown to SkyClan's Destiny on July 21, 2010.
Countdown to Allegiances of the Clans on April 8, 2010.
Countdown to Battles of the Clans on May 19, 2010.
Countdown to Omen of the Stars #1:The Fourth Apprentice on November 24, 2009.
Countdown to Omen of the Stars #2:Fading Echoes on March 24, 2010.
Countdown to Omen of the Stars #3:Dusk to Dawn on August 8, 2010.
Countdown to Omen of the Stars #4 on December 8, 2010.
Countdown to Omen of the Stars #5 on August 8, 2011.
Countdown to Omen of the Stars #6 on December 8, 2011.
Countdown to Ravenpaw's Path #1:Shattered Peace on November 24, 2009.
Countdown to Ravenpaw's Path #2:A Clan in Need on March 24, 2010.
Countdown to Ravenpaw's Path #3:The Heart of a Warrior on July 21, 2010.

Woah! That's a lot to look forward to!


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