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I'm a new apprentice of PCA! (YAY)

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Frostfeather is a beautiful dappled tortoiseshell she-cat with dark blue eyes. She is the daughter of Spotstar, former leader of ThunderClan, and Pepperfrost. Her three littermates are Saberscar, Thunderheart and Flamecloud. She also has two younger siblings, Mothdapple and Pineblaze, and the deaseased Robinpaw. She is the half-sister to many other cats. Frostfeather and Kestrelwing first meet when they are kits.He is a young RiverClan kit, son to Heatherdream and Bounceleap of RiverClan, although he is half ThunderClan because his father was born in ThunderClan. Bounceleap is Spotstar's brother. They fall in love as apprentices and often sneak out to see each other. Frostpaw is a medicine cat apprentice, training under Cherryheart. She brings three kittypets into ThunderClan, Winter, Feather and Night, who later gain the names Wintercloud, Featherbreeze and Nightleaf. Frostpaw and Kestrelpaw are blissfully in love until Frostpaw becomes Frostfeather, and Kestrelpaw becomes Kestrelwing. Kestrelwing and Frostfeather are cousins, but never knew until long after they were born. Frostfeather tries to tell him that she can't keep seeing him, as she is loyal to her Clan and won't give up her calling as a medicine cat for any tom. Kestrelwing is upset by this, and stalks away, leaving Frostfeather heartbroken. Many of her Clanmates remark that all the toms follow her around like lost kits, as she is very respected, sweet and beautiful. Frostfeather later becomes the sole medicine cat of ThunderClan when her mentor, Cherryheart dies of old age. Frostfeather's father, Clan leader Spotstar is devastated, as Cherryheart was his medicine cat, but also his sister. Frostfeather later gains her first apprentice, Oceanpaw who had wanted to be a medicine cat long before Cherryheart had died. Oceanpaw had formerly been a warrior apprentice, but had never enjoyed it. Kestrelwing and Frostfeather are often seen stealing glances at each other and gazing at each other with pleading eyes. Frostfeather and Kestrelwing are later seen at a Gathering together, trying to comfort each other from being apart and trying to cope to not being in love any more. It is suspected that Frostfeather will always be in love with Kestrelwing.




Mate (formerly):

Kestrelwing: Alive


Saberscar: Alive
Pineblaze: Alive
Thunderheart: Alive
Flamecloud: Alive
Robinpaw: Deaseased


Mothdapple: Alive


Spotstar: Deaseased, Confirmed StarClan member


Pepperfrost: Alive


Petalwhisker: Deaseased, Confirmed StarClan member

Amberflame: Deaseased, Confirmed StarClan member

Petalstar: Alive

Birchfur: Alive

Willowflight: Alive

Oakfeather: Deaseased

Briarheart: Alive

Daisytail: Alive

Flashfur: Deaseased

Crowwing: Alive


Cherryheart: Deaseased, Confirmed StarClan member


Goldstorm: Deaseased, Confirmed Dark Forest member

Bouncestar: Alive Cousins

Tinyshine: Status Unknown

Brightfur: Alive

Graywing: Alive

Sorrelfur: Alive


Rainwhisper: Alive

Skyflight: Alive

Feathercloud: Alive

Fadedpaw: Alive

Fernpaw: Alive

Fallowpaw: Alive


Rockfur: Alive

Foxpaw: Alive

Top 4 cats:





Favourite POV:


Favourite Book in Original Series:

The Darkest Hour

Favourite Book in New Prophecy:


Favourite Book in Power of Three:


Favourite Book in Omen of The Stars:

Sign of the Moon

Favourite Super Edition:

Bluestar's Prophecy


Bluestar's Prophecy

Worst Death(s):






Spottedleaf and Firestar

Silverstream and Graystripe

Leafpool and Crowfeather

Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw

Lionblaze and Cinderheart

Jayfeather and Half Moon

Bluestar and Thrushpelt (TC)

Bluestar and Oakheart


1. Leafpool and Crowfeather

2. Dovewing and Tigerheart






Who is best for Dovewing?

a) Bumblestripe

b) Foxleap

c) Tigerheart

My answer: a)


Bumble is the only one who doesnt say he'll protect her. He gives her her space and lets her be alone, giving her independance. Foxleap is not good for her cause he always worries about her. Tigerheart is from ShadowClan (duh!)

Who should be the next deputy?






The forgotten warrior?


-Fallen Leaves







 Leafpool and Sorreltail

Hollyleaf and Cinderheart

Cinderpelt and Firestar

Firestar and Graystripe

Dustpelt and Sandstorm

Firestar, Graystripe and Ravenpaw

Ravenpaw and Barley

Barley and Violet

Cloudtail and Ashfur

Squirrelflight and Tawnypelt

Leafpool and Cody

Mistystar and Silverstream

Couples? PS: You can add some too! Yeah, you! The person reading this!

Icecloud and Lionblaze

Briarlight and Jayfeather

Willowshine and Jayfeather

Hazeltail and Brambleclaw

Stormfur and Squirrelflight

Honeyfern and Lionblaze

Squirrelflight and Shrewpaw (TC)

Shellheart and Lilystem

"Loyalty is proved by what we do, not where we come from!"

— Sorreltail in The Sight, page 222
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