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  • I was born on February 17
  • My occupation is eating food XD
  • I am a girl

my page!!!

Welcome to Evestorm's page, where jungleclan cats rule the wild!!! Thanks to Oblivion for making this great charart!!!! I like to write my own warrior stories even if i cant publish it due to copyright or something.


About Evestorm

Evestorm is a dark gray she cat cat with white and black patches and silver stripes, black rings around her one green and one blue eyes, and an unusually long tail. She is born to Streamstripe and Tigershadow along with her brother, Crowwhisker and her sister Sprintingstream.She is born in Jungleclan where cats are known for being fast and long-legged. (more coming soon)

About me

wow i havent been on in a long time lolz. Really lovin warriors! ( well duh why else would i be on here) cant wait to get more books like night whisper and the rest in the series. i didnt care for the ending in the third series. But i really like omen of the stars, its like everything has been leading up to this... !

My favorite sayings

" I'd rather have a gun and not need it, then need a gun and not have it. "

" Stupid people do stupid things. "

" XD "

" Anything can be solved with the use of high explosives!"

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