Sup ma homies. So I used to be a warrior cat maniac back in 2k10, but i've grown up now, I've got a tatoo, seen the world, made love to a beautiful Persian transgender and came to terms with the fact that this community is literally a cult. --Fawny Keep on Smiling :D 12:41, March 4, 2014 (UTC)

This is Misty, Fawn's friend. I'm gonna level with you, this website was actually my life for several regrettable years. But I too have moved on, and agree with my good friend Fawn that this website is no less than an uncontrollable parasitic religion. A mass gathering of the terminally insecure. Good day.

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Favourite Cats

  1. Mousefur: My favourite cat of all time! She is so grumpy that it is cool! She has got two cats killed (Honeyfern and Longtail) and made Briarlight loose the ability to move her legs! But, even with all of this considered, I feel sorry for her! Mousefur moving to the elder's den meant the Clan has lost a great warrior. But think about her in her day! A brave, noble, strong warrior who fought for what she belived in. She mentored apprentices who soon became great cats, (Thornclaw and Spiderleg), even if they are a little grumpy. I never want her to die, I will cry when she does. She was a awesome warrior and an even better elder!
  2. Yellowfang: Not many people don't like her. I, like many others, absoluetly adore her! In league with Mousefur she led a brave life. Even though her mate (Raggedstar) only wanted her to give him kits (my theory, anyway), her other two kits died, her surviving one (Brokenstar) killed a cat as a kit (his sister) and became a feared tryant, she stood strong by her belives and had the sheer courage to kill him. At last she was at peace :') Maybe she can be crabby and snappy, but she wasn't a bad mentor to Cinderpelt. The young, damaged cat need a mentor such as the shabby black medicine cat to help her through her pain. She was like, the only one (excluding Leafpool) who didn't love that Firestar. And I support almost anyone who dosen't!
  3. Leafstar: I think I like her for being a brave cat. Becoming SkyClan's leader after Firestar and Sandstorm left wouldn't be an easy job, but she rose to the challenge, like any Clan cat should! I belive that Leafstar is one of SkyClan's greatest leaders, and when I read Firestar's Quest, my assumptions were comfirmed. Sharpclaw needs a leader like Leafstar to help him understand that power isn't everything. Echosong is a bit pathetic (soppy and what not) but Leafstar helped her become confident in her job. With these three, SkyClan are sure to survive, I just hope SkyClan's Destiny will be nice to my poor mind which wants so badly for the newest Clan to survive!
  4. Mousewhisker: Don't ask me why I like him, because I don't know. To me, her is the best out of his littermates. Hazeltail comes second with Berrynose way back in third. I love his colouring. Cream and gray, it's such a nice combonation and suits his personality perfectly! If fact, I like it so much that I've used it my own fanfic Clans (Volecloud)! His determination to catch a squirrel really appeals to me, it shows the strenght of a good warrior. When I've had a tough day at school, reading a couple of lines about Mousewhisker's suqirrel hunt(s) nearly always cheers me up! I think he will get a mate in the up-coming Omen of the Stars books, I like MouseXIce, they cuit each other well. I think their kits will be cute, if the couple happens!

Cats I'm Ok With

  1. Ferncloud: I don't think you've ever been on a patrol. You were barely a warrior before you had Dustpelt's first litter (Spiderkit and Shrewkit). Soon after they were apprenticed, you moved on and had three more, (Birchfall being one). I thought you may have calmed down and decided you could raise a claw once in a while, to help feed someone else's kits. I think staying in the nursery 24/7 has gone to your head as you know stay in the nursery all the timeyet you have no kits! Though you did help the Clan by giving them new life and you are again helping the Clan by helping new life. :) I'll give you that. Not a bad she-cat after all 'eh?
  2. Leafpool: What is with ThunderClan medicine cats?!? Mostly all of them have fallen in love and most of them have died/retired in some tragic way. *Mock sob* Reading the chapter or so in Twilight when you fell in love was Crowfeather had me sitting with one eyebrow raised. I mean! Come ON! You looked at that stupid tom and suddenly you felt a connection with him! No chemistry what so ever! I really liked you Leafpaw, I really did. But then....Crowfeather...kits...lies...I don't like you. It happened so fast! Also, you randomly had kits! Like, out of the blue! You are a pathetic mate, mother, sister, cat and (Tee hee) warrior. You don't really love Jayfeather and your not loyal to ThunderClan. You left him -a full medicine cat of only a few moons- to run the healing part of Clan life all by himself. You led a poor life, but stay a medicine cat might have made it less poor. I'm going to stop ranting know, to save the readers some hassle!
  3. Cinderpelt: Everyone loves you sooo much, but I really don't see why! I mean, you were old and wise and stuff, but you fell in love with a cat sooo much older than you. You are so annoying! Grow some backbone and leave Firestar alone. :/

Favourite Couples

  1. Stormfur and Brook: They have so much chemistry and they connect really well!
  2. Bluestar and Oakheart: They are sooo cute!


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