Greetings! I'm Featherpool of RainClan.

About Featherpool!

Fur Color: Silver /w one white paw

Gender: She-cat

Eye Color: Bright Green

Mother: Silverfrost- Died of Greencough

Father: Wildfur- Died in Battle

Siblings: Birchclaw- Died of Greencough, Dawnflight.

Mate: Smokewing- also has one white paw

Kits: Lostkit- Died, ( Now Warriors ) Brightfrost, Talonclaw, Shadewhisper

Friends: ( They're from different clans ) And Also Firefang and Rainwillow

Who She Hates: Blackwhisker- He used to love her! He is not from her clan!

Her Mentor: Acorntail- now dead.

Her Apprentice: ( now a warrior ) Blossomwing.

About her clan, RainClan!

Name: RainClan

Territory: Marshland or Swamp, with many trees and a whole lot of rivers and streams!

Prey: Fish and Birds

Leader: Treestar- Brown tom with Green eyes.

Deputy: Moonfrost-Light grey she-cat with Blue eyes

. Medicine Cat: Snowpool- Skinny, almost white she-cat with Blue eyes.

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Fernshine- Light brown she-cat with Green eyes.

Warriors: Dustfall, Cloudfang, Dawnflight, Smokewing, Brightfrost, Talonclaw, Shadewhisper, Blossomwing, Stonefoot, Boulderscar, Nighteyes, and Mistfall.

Apprentices: Breezepaw, Specklepaw, and Swiftpaw.

Queens: Tawnyheart and Meadowleaf.

Kits: Moonfrost's kits- Honeykit, Ashkit, Hollykit. Tawnyheart's- Driftkit and Ivykit. Meadowleaf's kits- Expecting.

Elders: Icestorm, Flamestep, Mistyflight, Tangleface, and Patchwhisker.

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