aka Icewish

  • I live in ShadowClan
  • I was born on April 29
  • My occupation is Being Ferretclaw's Mate and hunting for my Clan
  • I am Ferretclaw's mate

OHAI i'm FerretclawLover, but you can call me Icewish or Wisheh if you want. I love doing chararts and drawing and i'm practicing how to make lineart at the moment. I tend to be goofy when I need to be, but when I don't I can be non-goofy I guess.

My Chararts

Ferretclaw.apprenticeFerretclaw's ApprenticeIcecloud.apprenticeIcecloud's ApprenticePoppydawn.warrior.altPoppydawn's Alt. Warrior


Shelly :D- Shelly is the first person I met here and she's really nice. She even put me into Project:Charart because I couldn't edit and i'll forever be grateful for that. She made my amazing Icewish charart and told me how to improve my Ferretclaw image.

Ivyheart :D-My mentor!!!! I was checking out her chararts and they're BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Twilight :D-She's one of my friends to chat with on the Wiki, she's so awesome! :D

Atelda :D-Oh yes, I <3 Atelda


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