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About Me

Name: Hawktalon or Hawk
From: Delaware, USA
Pets: Simba (cream-colored tabby tom with pale green eyes) and Ozzy (dark brown tabby tom with a white muzzle and emerald green eyes)
Hobbies: Drawing and reading
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rat

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Opinions On Other Users

Bramble- The amazing and awesome leader of Project Charart:D She makes really great art is very nice.
Sandy- The awesome deputy of project charart:) She's super nice^^
Shimmer- My mentor when I was an apprentice. She's really friendly, though I haven't seen her in a while.
Mosswhisker - A fellow senior warrior and a really good artist.
Darkhollows- Another senior warrior. She's an über artist and draws really good markings!
Nightfall - She's super nice and great at chararts:)
more coming soon

How I Got Addicted To Warriors

I got into Warriors a long time ago... to me at least! I think it was when Sunset first came out (2005, or something). I was in the bookstore with my mom, just browsing for some books, when my mom picked up some random book. And that book turned out to be Warriors: Into the Wild. She told me the summary, but I kinda' brushed it off, saying I wasn't interested. But, she bought the book, and Fire and Ice, anyway. She read the first book, then started reading the second one. She never got back to it again (it's quite rare for my mom to finish a bookXD). Then, one day, I was bored, and I mean really bored. I picked up Into the Wild and thought, "What the heck, I'll read it." And I did. I was instantly addicted. After reading only the first chapter, was automatically sucked into the story. Ever since then, I've been devoted to buying and reading every Warriors book in the series. I currently have, and have read, every Warriors book, and I'm excitedly waiting for the next ones. I've reread the Original Series about 3 times! And Into the Wild... The covery is slightly ripped, and the pages are beginning to turn yellow. But I still have it.

Top 10 Favorite Charactors

10.) Honeyfern- She died so bravely T_T

9.) Sorreltail- I feel sorry for her. Her, parents, siblings, and two of her kits are dead D:

8.) Graystripe- Total awesomeness.

7.) Thornclaw- He's awesome too.

6.) Dustpelt- He's so grumpy, in a charming way.

5.) Birchfall- He was awesome as a kit.

4.) Sandstorm- An awesome mate and a wonderful mother.

3.) Firestar- A great leader and warrior. I'll be so sad when he dies.

2.) Cinderpelt- She's so wise and understanding :D

1.) Feathertail- She died way too early. Plus, she died the death of a warrior. Oh, and she's pure awesomeness!!!

Top 10 Least Favorite Characters

10.) Daisy- She needs to get outta' the nursery and get a life! Word.

9.) Nightcloud- She's just...ick.

8.) Leafpool- I swear, she has bipolar disorder or depression, or something!

7.) Breezepelt- He's just...ick (just like his mother).

6.) Hawkheart-  He killed Moonflower!!! And he's supposed to be a medicine cat!!! So not cool!!!

5.) Bone- He killed Whitestorm!!!!!

4.) Brokentail- He commited major child abuse! He deserved to die the way he did!


2.) Tigerstar- He's just a peice of fox-dung.

1.) Hollyleaf- Man...that chick has OCD over the warrior code, or something. She's ******* off her nut!

My Approved Chararts (so far)

Number of Chararts: 50

Tweak Week Images

Descriptions of My Characters (See User Charcat)

Hawktalon Dark brown tabby she-cat with bright blue eyes

Bramblefang Dark brown tabby tom with green eyes and a white muzzle

Dawnsky Ginger mottled tabby she-cat with bright blue eyes

Silverstripe Silver tabby tom with green eyes

Featherwing Very dark gray she-cat with amber eyes

Flamepelt Pale ginger tabby tom with hazel eyes

Gorsekit Black tom with bright blue eyes

Kestrelkit Gray and white tom with bright yellow eyes

Shimmerpool Silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes


Novels - Warriors series, The Sight, Fell, Fire Bringer, Watership Down, The Plague Dogs, Tailchaser's Song, The Chronicles of Narnia series, the Silverwing trilogy, the 'Ology series, and Coraline

Manga or Graphic Novels - The Bone series, The Amulet series, Coraline (the graphic novel), and the +Anima series.

Movies - The Chronicles of Narnia movies, The Lion King, The Lady and the Tramp, The Aristocats, The Jungle Book, 101 Dalmations, Ice Age, all Pixar movies, Kung Fu Panda, The Secret of NIMH, All Dogs Go to Heaven, The Land Before Time, Coraline (the movie), Bolt, The Polar Express, Bambi, and Avatar.

TV Series - Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, Ginga Densetsu Weed, and Wolf's Rain, Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, and Harper's Island.

Animals - Wolves, Cats, Deer, Red Foxes, Armadillos, Hawks, Bears, Cheetahs, Lions, Hedgehogs, Fennec Foxes, Badgers, Penguins, Giant Pandas, Red Pandas, Kinkajous, Martins, Chinchillas, Ring-Tailed Lemurs, Kangaroos, Platypuses, and many more.

More coming soon...

Userboxes (Too Long to Fit in Here XD)

Warriors In Real Life


Simba: Pale ginger tabby tom with light green eyes; very affectionate and optimistic; one of my cats

Ozzy: Dark brown tabby tom with a white muzzle and green eyes; cynical and short-tempered; one of my cats

Lovey: Slender, fluffy white tom with one green eye and one blue eye; timid yet playful; my sister's cat

Ulyses: Black and white tom with large, copper eyes; timid and energetic; my sister's cat

Annie: Elderly black and white she-cat; friendly and sweet; my grandmother's cat

Honeybear: Tortoiseshell she-cat with a ginger patch on her eyes that looks like a mask; young and swift; lives in another house in my neighborhood

Gigi: Black she-cat with amber eyes, a torn ear, and a white fleck on her chest; friendly yet aggresive with Darla; lives in another house in my neighborhood

Day: Ginger tabby tom with a black collar; very friendly; lives next door to the trailor me and my family stays in when we go to the beach

Night: Black she cat with a black collar; timid; lives with Day


Darla: Tortoiseshell and white she-cat with a stumpy tail and amber eyes; elderly and sweet; lives outside Gigi's and Honeybear's home

Whitepelt: Mysterious white cat with an unknown gender; rarely seen, he usually roams around the train station

Frostfoot: Brown tabby tom with white paws; roams around neighborhood


Tigerstripe: Brown tabby tom with frayed ears; timid around people, yet agressive with other cats; seen patrolling the neighborhood usually


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SilverbellsMerry Xmas!

TurkeytalonThanks :)

Were-catHappy Halloween!

HawktalonMerry Xmas!

HawktalonAlmost 2010!




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