aka Flower, Rainy, or...."Ugh...."

  • I live in In a house ;P
  • I was born on August 15
  • My occupation is Like my sister, Maple, I work at a Animla shelter, and I'm a student
  • I am Female

Flowerpatch-is a very beautiful white she-cat with a cream patch on her back, a dark brown tail, a dark brown muzzle, with a white streak around her nose, with lighter rings around the brown around her face with blue eyes, and lighter ears, and a cute, small pink nose.


About Flowerpatch:

She is a daughter of Daisy and Spiderleg, full blood sister to Toadstep and Rosepetal, she was born into the same litter, she is a daddy's girl, and loves her family to death, and she was very hurt and upset when Sipderleg left her mother, she did all she cloud to get them back together, she is best friends with Blossomfall and she thinks it is stupid that Millie won't give Blossomfall, her own daughter, the time of day. She is in love with a RiverClan tom, Snowflame (Snowflame is a handsome tom dark reddish-brown-ginger tabby with white-cloud like patches, and large, soft, warm, unbliking eyes, one is amber, one is gray.) When she was three moons old, she wandered out of camp, and she met a fox cub, it attacked her, but not long after, Lionblaze and Dustpelt, and her father appeared, and drove the fox away. But she was badly wounded, and was bleeding badly and was about to die, when Jayfeather and Leafpool saved her, she walked away from the fight without a scar to remind her of that day. When she was six moons old she became a apperentice, and her mentor was Sorreltail. She is now a warrior of ThunderClan, and she has unsal power and talent, she can see visions of the past or furtrue of a object by touching it, she knows secrets she belives should never be told, she knows what will happen and what happened, she even knows what will happen in the dark forest battle.

About me:

I'm 15

What I look like;

I'm around 5'5 I have short bown hair, colorful eyes(blue-gold-green-hazel-gray-brown, Coloful, right?)

Hobbies: Reading, slepping, playing on the comptuer, playing Pokemon, watching tv, going outside, swimming, and other things ;3

Faveorie books: Harry Potter, Warriors, Ranger's Apperentice, and others that i don't care to list...

Fave singers: P!nk, Nickelback, 3daysgrace, bon jovi, Daughtry, eminem...sometimes Taylor swift...

um....thats all

Char Requests:

For a char art fill out this form;



Pelt legth:

Main pelt color:



Eye color:


Thoughts on cats:

Tigerstar-Awesome cat but WAY to evil

Hawkfrost-Read up^

Lionblaze-FREAKING MOST EPIC CAT EVER and his powers are awesome

Jayfeather-Dude no words for this cat

Dovewing-FORGIVE TIGERHEART!!! and paws off Bumblestripe, and, Foxleap, Foxleap is Rosepetal's and Bumblestrip is your sister's!

Tigerheart-Aww poor you...*pets* She still loves, ya' know

Ivypool-3 words: Awesome, Epic, Badass

Whitewing-So sweet

Brightheart-Her name fits her nicely :)

Cloudtail-Im so glad you run off with Dasiy

Rosepeatl-Her and Foxy aww:)

Foxleap-Read up^

Ferncloud-Dude isnt Fox and Ice your 100th litter ot something?

Dustpelt-Read up^(getting tired of typing tht)

Icecloud-Lionblaze needs to be your mate cuz cinderheart broke his heart and yur a sweetie i hope Lionblaze will love you

Cinderheart-you just annoy me.....

Hazeltail-aww u so sweet

Biarilight-Aww poor you-hug-

Molekit-Ur so nice to Biairlight

Cherrykit-Read up, PLEASE become a warrior, I think you make a GREAT warrior, you act JUST like Honeyfern

Poppyfrost-MATE STEALER, but I love you

Berrynose-Dude you r rude, first Honeyfern, then her sister?

Honeyfern-Hollyleaf was right, some one else would have been better- Lionblaze, Foxleap, anyone, idk if it was BLACKSTAR!

Hollyleaf-Quit the ranting about the warrior code Me before you came along-Wait thats part of the code? Me after you came along-OMG NO THAT NOT PART OF THE CODE NO!!! I MUST NOT BE A HOLLYLEAF!

Bluestar-See Jayfeather

Feathertail-wow i cant say anything for her shes too awesome

Crowfeather-HES AWESOME

Breezepelt-DUDE wtf you try to kill Jayfeather for being PART Windclan go kill yourself for being WHOLE Windclan RETARD -_-

Nightcloud-Dude go die jump in the lake let LeafxCrow live FOREVER!

Leafpool-awwww i feel sorry for you D';


Brambleclaw-Dude YOU lied to Squrrielflight when you guys became mates and when SHE does it u blow up?!?! what the crap?

Millie-Man, if you do much more, its not gonna be possable for me to hate you more...*kils* THERE THATS WHATCHA YA' GET!

Blossomfall- AWWWWW :( I feel you, My OC, Fallingfeather's father acts the same way Millie does.


Bumblestripe- Dovewing= Tigerheart's mate you = Ivypool's mate ok?

Silverstream, did you have to die? ;(

Brokenstar-! First you kill KITS that are one moon off of milk, then you FORCE them to be apprentices, and then warriors IF they live! And then you kill Cloudpelt(It is hinted) THEN you kill your OWN father, and more imporatly, YOU it is YOUR fault that Badgerpaw died, YOU forced him to be an apprentice to early, YOU forced him into a battle that shouldn't have happend, ITS ALL YOUR Fault!!!!! go die again! I hope Yellowfang Raggedstar and your baby sisters, all KILL YOU and Fernshade, Flintfang and Badgerfang, your the BIGGEST idiot retarded cat EVER!


"An Axeman?" Gilan asked "Yeah,an axeman,a man who uses axes." Horace said,warming up to his subject "I woundn't adivse you use two knives to take down a axeman." Gilan said slowly, "So what should I do?" Will asked. He glanced to one boy to the other, he had the feeling he was being set up. "Shoot him." he said, Will shook his head smiling "Can't, my bowstring is broken." "Run and hide." Gilan said "Can't, there's a cliff,with a sheer drop to the bottom." Horace said "So what do I do?" Will asked,Gilan thought for a while. ":Jump off the cliff, it'l be less messy that way." -Ranger apperantice book 2,The Burning Bridge

"When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down "Happy", they told me I didn't understand the assignment,and I told them they didn't understand life." - John Lennon

If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it was yours all along. If it doesn't, hunt it down and kill it!

It's only funny until someone gets hurt . . . then it's hilarious!

I am constantly plagued by this deadly disease called "Homework."

"THIS TATES LIKE LQUID SH!T! OH! We're on?"-Fluffee talks

'"*slaps hand on hood* "STOP! Dang he drove off." "Don't you have a gun......?" "NO, no, no.... I'm a security gaurd..."-FLuffee talks

"EAT BABY!" *crash* "Oh Sh!t" -Fluffee talks

"dude, why'd you give him the money, I was just about to tackle his @$$." "Yeah." "He was armed..." "He had a stapler... what was the worst he could do.....?" "Yeah." -Fluffee talks

"GOD I WANT TO HIT MY HUSBAND WITH SOMETHING!".... "What should I use a chair , no ,a heavy object, no , A PILE OF FLESH!!!" -FLuffeeTalks

"She would have stupided her self to death, its sad that, she was so imcompent, and needed to call 9-1-1, because she locked her self in her car, the guy that saved her should get a medal, without him, this lady would have just, curled up in her car and DIE!" - FLuffeeTalks

Hogwart's Rule # 1256- We will not sing, "We're off to see the wizard" when we are sent to the headmaster's office. -Me

Always aim for the moon, even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.- Me


Normal? What is that? Is it dangerous? NO! STAY AWAY I MIGHT GET THE 'NORMAL' VIRUS!!!! -Me

You know you laugh at me becuase I'M Different, but I laugh at you BECAUSE your NORMAL- Me to Serria

Me: Yeah, I'm werid, so what? It means I'm DIFFERENT. *I turn to leave* *I look back* Me: You know, normal's boring.

I'm random. Also possibly crazy... Me

It is possible to DRINK Pudding with a straw, I know, I tried! - Me (It is possible...)

Ashfur: (smiles) as a kit, you really don't know what your saying do you? Your trying to give some good advice but it turns out it's just hilarious. Watch this next clip.


Icekit: (pads up to Millie)

Millie: (looks down at icekit) hello icekit. What brings you here?

Icekit: Millie, I have a question for you.

Millie: sure, go ahead and ask it.

Icekit: Millie, why are you so fat?


Graystripe: (cracks up next to Millie)

Millie: (giggles softly) what did you say?

Icekit: why are you so fat?

Millie: I'm pregnant, remember?

Icekit: what's pregnant?

Millie: I have kits inside me.

Icekit: well you should really cut down on the kits because I liked it when you were normal better.

Graystripe, Millie and Audience: (Crack up)-

High heels...FALSE ADVERTISING!!! I smoked those heels and all I got was a brain tumor!!!!!- Pilz-E

Foamy the Squrriel

Evil people need good razors, REALLY most bad people have the most RETARED facial hair!-Me

What the crap is 'Fun sized" can bars? Who bites into one and is like "MAN THIS IS SO FUN!" its not fun unless you can fit a zombie in it and make someone pee their pants. ENOUGH SAID!- Me

I didn't trip, nor did I fall. I am simply great friends with the floor and went to say 'hi' and give it a hug!- I say this every time I trip or fall :D Colbie Caillat taught me that love is real

Greenday taught me that government's gonna fail someday.

Bruno Mars taught me to do anything for that one person I love

Eminem taught me that life is hard but you can make it through

Travis taught me to be generous

Taylor Swift taught me not every guy is going to treat me right

30 Seconds to Mars taught me to speak whats on my mind

Michael Jackson taught me to always love the people around me

Music taught me to live


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