• I live in Missouri
  • I was born on June 5
  • I am Female
File:Koshi banner copy.png
Hello! My name is Kristin, but please do call me Koshi or Fluff! Fluffpudge is also fine, if you'd prefer!
I've recently rekindled interest in the Warriors series (after a two year long hiatus!) and I'm excited to get to help out with improving this wiki! It's my go-to for information, so it's wonderful to be able to help out!
Please feel more than free to talk to me- I love sharing the company of others; if I mess up somewhere and make a mistake, don't worry about calling me out on it either- I take critique perfectly, so no worries!
My Warrior OC's name is Edenstep, and she is a dark-colored she-cat with amber eyes. She's still in development, but I love her very much.
To the right, you can see my main OC, Koshi, who shares my nickname. She is my main persona, as opposed to Edenstep! The image is drawn by myself (I've been drawing for 6 years!) and I take immense pride in my work.

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