Hi wiki world! My name is Foxflame12 and I'm new to Warriors Wiki! I've joined for several reasons, but the most important being that I love the Warriors series. But recently since I've been busy with exams and schoolwork, my love and passion for this amazing series has been pushed to the side! So I decided to join the wiki and see if I can't make some new friends as I journey to rekindle my love.


I am only allowing myself 1 hour on weekdays on the wiki as I have other commitments beside the wiki, but at the weekends I can sqeeze another few hours in. So if I don't reply to any messages, etc, straight away I apologise well in advance!


Found out how to use these things! How cool are they?

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--User:Foxflame12/sig 14:11, May 5, 2012 (UTC)

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