HI! Im Frostblaze and im making a fantical book and umm talk to me on my talk page too be in the book heres how to sign up:

Name: Moonshine

gender: She-cat

Clan:StreamClan (Sparaclan,NightClan,ForestClan, or StreamClan)

Pelt: Light blue-gray with shimmering, white paws

Eyes: Ice-blue

Injures: None

Mate: Blackfang

Family: Mother: Star, Father: Nrimp, Brothers: Firestripe, Deer, Linky, Kill, Sisters: Lily, Sky, Neon Daughters: Whitefrost, Evedawn, Leopardheart, Icyhaze, Sons: Rockclaw, Marshpaw

Female This user is female.
User-ebrown This user has
brown eyes
User-hbrown This user has
brown hair
Bluestar.leader This user is wise
like Bluestar
Leafpool.warrior This user is calm
like Leafpool
Dustpelt.warrior This user is loyal
like Dustpelt
Thistleclaw.warrior This user is aggressive
like Thistleclaw
Moonflower.warrior This user is loving
like Moonflower
Logo-thunderclan This user is brave
like ThunderClan
Swiftpaw (TPB).apprentice This user is fearless
like Swiftpaw
Brightheart.warrior This user is beautiful
like Brightheart
Squirrelflight.warrior This user is feisty
like Squirrelflight
Cloudtail.warrior This user is devoted
like Cloudtail
Cinderpelt.apprentice This user is talkative
like Cinderpaw
Petalfur.warrior This user is open-minded
like Petalfur
Tallstar.leader This user is trusting
like Tallstar
Sorreltail.warrior This user is patient
like Sorreltail
Berrynose.warrior This user is over-protective
like Berrynose
Lionheart.apprentice This user is cheerful
like Lionpaw
Ferncloud.queen This user is sweet
like Ferncloud
Firestar.leader This user is fair
like Firestar
Tawnypelt.warrior This user is determined
like Tawnypelt
Brackenfur.warrior This user is sensible
like Brackenfur
Firestar.leader This user is generous
like Firestar
Logo-riverclan This user is smart
like RiverClan This user is sarcastic
like Jayfeather
Bramblestar.deputy This user is caring
like Brambleclaw
Friends This user counts themselves as a best friend of Frostheart
Logo-starclan This user has read
all the Warriors Books, and
StarClan honors this user.
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12px-Stick_Figure.jpg This user
supports Twolegs
49px-Hockey_goal_cmd_2004.jpg This user plays hockey
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