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"I just wish that I can become a true Thunderclan warrior."
— Frozenpaw in Frozenstar's Wish
"Just because I'm half-clanned, it doesn't mean that I'm not a loyal Thunderclan warrior!"
— Frozenfoot to Silverstorm in Frozenstar's Wish

Frozenstar is a slender, sleek black she-cat with one white paw, bright blue eyes, a torn left ear and a scar on her flank. She has thick, soft fur, and sharp claws.


In the Movies

Frozenstar's Wish

As a young Riverclan kit named Frozenkit, she is seen waiting in front of Highrock as the leader, Stormstar, gathers the clan together. She is given her apprentice name, Frozenpaw. Her mentor, Redfur, brings her on patrol along with her friend, Wavepaw. Frozenpaw catches the scent of a Thunderclan patrol and Redfur spots Thornstar, Jayfur and Lionfur hidden across the Thunderpath. Frozenpaw and Wavepaw are sent to camp to warn the clan.
After Stormstar brings the patrol into his den, Flowerkit comes up to frozenpaw and Wavepaw, boasting about a new battle move. Stormstar calls Frozenpaw to his den and she goes in, surprised to see her mother, Snowspot there along with the Thunderclan patrol. Snowspot explains that Frozenpaw's father is Jayfur and that she is going to live in Thunderclan with her father.

Coming Soon


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Frozenstar's Wish

Frozenstar's Wish is a movie I am working on.

Frozenstar's Wish

All Frozenpaw ever wanted was to be a loyal warrior of Riverclan, but her dreams are crushed when she is sent to Thunderclan to be with the father she never knew she had. Moons after becoming a warrior of Thunderclan, she becomes the deputy of Thunderclan. When disaster strikes the clans and her leader's life in in danger, Frozenfoot must decide whether or not to sacrifice her life for her leader, and leave her clan behind, the clan that it took so long to become a true part of.

Frozenstar ~ Black she-cat with a white paw and blue eyes.

Wavefur ~ Gray-blue tom with blue eyes.

Coming Soon

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