• I live in Michigan
  • I was born on October 2
  • I am Female

My Userboxes

Hiya! I'm Gingertail, but you can call me Ginger. I've been on the wiki since August of 2010. I was looking for a picture of a 'firey ginger cat', and Firestar's page came up on the web results. I checked out the wiki, and was immediately intimidated by all the coding, siggies, pages. I shied away from joining, but I will admit I was mesmerized by all the cool pictures of the cats. xD I finally worked up the nerve to join, with the username of a cat I created when I first discovered Warriors - Gingertail, a ginger she-cat with green eyes and white paws. I've been here ever since, save for a few months when I spoofed. ^.^

About Me

I'm a kit of PCA, but other than that, just a normal user xD
Name: Emily. Call me by my real name and I will slap you.
State: Good ol' Michigan <3
Favorite color: Any pale, bright blues.
Favorite artist: One Direction. Dis them and I will fly all the way over to whatever little town you live in, and take a baseball bat to your head. :D

Thoughts on Users

Leave your username below if you want to know what I think of you :)

  • Cottonfur: Erf. Yo bro, I really don't know you yet. xD I'll wait till I know you a little better.


The Good Cats

Cinderpelt: Just plain epic. I love you, and yet I don't like Cinderheart all that much. D:

Jayfeather: Don't get me wrong, I used to hate him. I thought he was too annoying with his grouchiness, and too mean to other cats. Then he turned all...still grouchy, but, like, more epic. I think it was somewhere around the time Briarlight broke her spine that I started to like him.

Sedgecreek: She was theeeee best apprentice ever. Paws down.

Crookedstar: Is there such thing as a suicidal cat? Cuz I always thought that's what he would turn to as a kit. He was under so much stress and pressure, I thought he would just...snap. And I love him for the fact that he didn't.

Silverstream: She gave up the warrior code to be with Graystripe. Awww. And...I hate Millie, Silver's so much better for Gray.

Brightsky: I will never understand why I cried when you died, but that must mean I like you. :D

The Bad Cats

Rainflower: I hate you, and always will. You never should have had kits if you were going to treat them that way.

Blackstar: I wish you would die already. .-.

Leopardstar: If you had stayed as epic as you were as a kit, you would've made the Good Cat list. :3

Berrynose: Just no.

Daisy: They should've let the fox take her...

Ferncloud: ...don't get me started...




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"The only way you would raise enough money to hire Magnus by selling lemonade is if you put meth in it."
— Alec in City of Lost Souls

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