Hey everyone, I'm finally back! I needed a break from the wiki, but I think I'm ready to come back now. I still might not be around as often as I please, but I'll try to make time. GB57 23:40, January 17, 2010 (UTC)
GB Hiya! I'm GroceryBag, but you can call me GB. I'm from Warriors Wiki. I really don't like vandalism, and might show up on any random wiki to help with vandalism. To see my Warriors Wiki userpage, go here.

I'm busy in the summer. I'm here one week, gone the next, ect. Also, I may be on vacation. Because of this stuff, I might not always be active.

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Wikis I'm a member of:

10 Things I Hate About You Wiki (Sysop, Bureaucrat)


CSI Wiki (Sysop, Bureaucrat)


Don't Hungry Wiki

GigglerCats Wiki (Sysop, Bureaucrat)

Grocerpedia (Sysop, Bureaucrat)

Nightmarepedia (Sysop, Bureaucrat)

Stephenie Meyer Wiki

Unbarbie Wiki (Sysop)

Warriors Wiki

Warriors Fanfiction Wiki (Sysop)

WRP Wiki (Sysop, Bureaucrat)

I love this video: [1]!

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| What I do: Same as most people

| Status: Single

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My Nicks

You can often find me on the IRC as Grocery, GroceryBag, Fishwing, Piecatcher, GB57, WaffleBoy, G-BRB, Baggie, BagBoy, StarKitteh, GB|Away, GB|PCA-Art, or food.

Channels I Often Visit

I often visit the following channels: ##Grocery, #arkhampedia, #burp, #darthipedia, #grocerpedia, #nightmarepedia, #stephenie-meyer, #unbarbie, #wikia-10things, #wikia-agt, #wikia-csi, #wikia-gigglercats, #wikia-warriorcats, #wikia-warriorcats-fanfiction, #wikia-warriorcats-pca, and #wikia-warriorcats-rp.

Channels I Visit Less Often, but Still Visit

#chalmuns, #histrionics, #r&c, #swgames, #wikia, and #wikia-boxer.

People to Watch Out For...

  • Cathryn (nick-stealer, she'll register your nick if you don't first)
  • Chirpsalot (Cathryn's brother, he'll harass you and tell Cathryn if your nick isn't registered)
  • Jaredu (frankly, he's a big jerk)

Don't worry, these people are all banned from #wikia-warriorcats. You should be safe :).

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